May 20, 2018


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This list contains changes made to YukiTheater since Feb 17, 2018.
  • Palm Trees have sprouted all over the theater (with sand and beach balls), bringing in the Summer!
  • Added Discord Rich Presence Integration
  • Added MasterAnime and FMovies support
  • Updated/Fixed 9Anime, AnimeSeason, GoGoAnime, and AnimeTwist support
  • Added Video FPS Setting in F1>Options (set lower fps for higher other fps!)
  • Added Robot Unicorn Attack, Haunt the House, Territory War, Vector TD, and Frog Fractions arcade machines
  • Updated/Fixed several Arcade Machines (some games may still be broken due to a bug)
  • Added E Interaction Prompts to HUD
  • Beach Balls are now less scared of being underwater
  • Improved Video Idle Screen Snow Effect Performance
  • Improved Donation Check performance (should apply within 1 minute now)
  • The Autoban System has been POWERED UP
  • The HUD Crosshair is now more visible when you're looking at something interactable
  • Players can now sit in the Seat they're near, instead of only the ones they're looking at
  • Greatly improved the appearance of the Arcade Game GUI
  • Default Lobby Music Volume is now 60%
  • Karaoke Mic collisions are now less absurd
  • Removed CartoonHD and Dailymotion support (broken, etc)
  • Removed Dino Run, Hover Kart, and Ball Racer arcade machines (broken, dead, outta this house!)
  • The PlayerChangeLocation hook is now in the Clientside realm

Have a great summer everyone! <3
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