May 2, 2014


Staff member
Founder/Lead Developer
  • Added Hats Shop and System (Finally), starting with 14 Hats
  • Added 17 New Playermodels
  • Added 14 New Popcorn Kernels
  • Added 14 Chat-triggered Easter Eggs, Removed 2
  • Increased the prices of every Item in the Shop (Economy is broken, just look at the Top 10 Richest Board)
  • Rebuilt the Lobby Music Player from scratch and added the ability to specify players' own music (Uncheck F4>Disable Lobby Music)
  • Added 3D Music Visualizer above Chill Area Radio
  • Some Stability Improvements to BASS Test Ent and Chill Area Radio
  • Disallowed requeuing the same video within 5 minutes of it being queued
  • Arms no longer render when crouched
  • Fracture AMV now triggers Low Gravity
  • Replaced Parking Lot Crowbar with Katana (Silent outside of Parking Lot)
  • Disabled most of the Community Stats Board to combat Server Lag
  • May have finally fixed the Title-stealing glitch
  • Added ALT+TAB Detection to AFK System (>3 Mins=AFK)
  • Added HUD Music Visualizer for Lobby Music and Easter Eggs
  • Fixed Fullscreen Resize/Player Freezing Issues
  • Added /changelog Chat Command
  • Improved some of the Easter Egg Music Player code and moved Easter Eggs to Web Server
  • Credits Multiplier is now stored in MySQL (Survives Server Restarts/Crashes)
  • Anime Room now automatically tries to requeue a Video if it failed
  • "Please welcome X! This is their first time joining! <3" Chat Message
  • Added Tooltips for Video Titles where applicable
  • Updated Chess + Checkers to latest version
  • Fixed kicking out of Slot Machines due to Errors (SetNWBool doesn't work Clientside!)
  • Removed all of the Progressive Slot Machine tracking code that we don't use anymore
  • Added Messages for Requesting Shop Items to each Category
  • AFK Messages and Marker above Floating Username now state how the player was marked AFK
  • Players are now notified if there's a Credits Boost active when they join
  • Removed old WIP Hat Code
  • Removed MySQL VIP Timer updating (Completely useless)
  • IsFullyInit Checking now notifies Admins if a player is being Reconnecting due to it
  • Scrolling through the Scoreboard doesn't scroll through weapons anymore
  • /me Chat Command now states Globally
  • Properly removed Cinema's Vanilla Screen Overlay but backported the Refreshing/Loading Indicator
  • Made YouTube Live playable in Public Theaters by Moderators+
  • Made Vote Skip Message display in Chat instead of Notifications
  • Removed old Hatsune Miku Append