Mar 5, 2016


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Founder/Lead Developer
  • Updated Map to v1.5 (Thanks Muffinz!)
    • Added statue to Karaoke to honor the former community member "TheHero", who passed away on February 13th of this year (Thanks Sinful Mario and ogniK!)
    • De-Holiday-ified the map
    • Added Pool Theater
    • Added a Hidden Maze
    • Added Bar to Private Theater Lounge
    • Reverted Classroom Theater and most of the Hallway to Pre-Corpse Party theme
    • Added Staff Lounge
    • Various other cosmetic changes
  • Private Theaters now follow the same Rule Set as Exclusive Theaters; Rent Cost has been adjusted to reflect this
  • Added The Maze of Muffinz Achievement for completing the new Hidden Maze
  • [Feb 22] Improved the HUD Notification System: Looks nicer, works snappier
  • Kazotsky Kicking's Music can now be disabled with the "Disable Lobby Music" Checkbox in the F4 Menu
  • Lowered Server Tick Rate from 30 to 21 in an effort to support more players with less lag
  • Recombined Karaoke Area's Voice Chat with the rest of the Lobby Voice Chat areas
  • [Feb 22] Changed Santa Stockings back into regular Popcorn Buckets
  • [Feb 22] De-Holiday-ified the HUD
Love You All <3
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