Mar 19, 2015


Staff member
Founder/Lead Developer
  • Made several improvements and changes to the map (Thanks An Ordinary Magician, Sophie-bear, and ATG!)
  • Rewrote a ton of the Player Account Initialization System for much better reliability and performance (NotFullyInit errors should be more rare now)
  • Added Native MIDI Support for the Playable Piano (Players must install the module to use it)
  • Slot Machines now all use the same Pot
  • Private Theater Owners can now choose to allow Voice Chat or not in their Auditorium
  • Fixed error with Popcorn SWEP (Encountered 25619 times since the recent GMod Update)
  • Improved security for a lot of stuff (Thanks ogniK for helping me test!)
  • Players are now required to be in an Auditorium for longer than 5 minutes before they can Vote to Skip a video
  • Achievements Menu no longer counts No-Longer-Achievable Achievements toward your Completion Percentage
  • Both Rules Panels now render while outside so players stop (literally) running into them
  • Hopefully finally fixed the AFK System not marking players AFK
  • Added an alternate video for the "What are we gonna do on the bed?" Achievement
  • The Scoreboard is now larger, a Filter Mode Indicator for Private Theaters has been added, and Theater Names overlapping with Video Times is fixed
  • Fixed(?) error with Hats missing their position or angle data sometimes
  • Disabled muting of Moderators in the Scoreboard
  • NotFullyInit warnings are now more specific
  • Added a Chess and a Checkers Board to the VIP Theater
  • Video Info in Fullscreen now only displays when the player is holding C
  • Fixed videos being automatically skipped if a player was AFK and they requested one (That was quite hilarious, actually)
  • Fixed the Lobby Music System after the recent GMod Update broke part of it
  • Increased the number of keys allowed to be pressed at once to 9 on the Playable Piano (Idk why it was 4 before...)
  • Setting the name of the Auditorum is now disabled for Exclusive Theaters
  • Blacklisting a video now actually automatically removes the video from the queue and skips it if it's currently playing
  • ULX Cloak now also hides Username and Title
  • Added a workaround for the DTVars in the Theater Thumbnails somehow causing the server to completely crash as of the recent GMod Update
  • Adjusted positioning of Exclusive Theater Rules Panel
  • Cleaned up a lot of Console Spam
  • Added rounding workaround for things that use GetGlobalFloat, as float imprecision was introduced in the recent GMod Update
  • Fixed OnUndo hook being called when it didn't exist
  • Replaced ValidPanel usage with IsValid, since it's deprecated