Make Bathroom Note & Pool Theater Entrance Uncoverable by Snowballs

Since the note in the blue bathroom and the entrance to the pool theater (not saying what/where it is) can be covered by snowballs, it makes it difficult for players searching for the theater to connect the clues and find the theater for themselves. As Noire pointed out on the server, the command "r_cleardecals" can be used to remove the snowball decals, however this is a client-side command, and new players may not know of the command (or that it could be helpful if both the clue and entrance happen to be covered by snowballs).

Obviously, I'm sure you can see how this could be a problem (the only reason I thought of this, is because someone was looking for the theater, and when I looked, both the clue and entrance were covered by snowballs). It's something small, and obviously not super important, but it's just a suggestion that may make the server just a little bit better for players who haven't found the theater yet.
To be honest, the note in the bathroom was not made to be a hint, it just so happened to coincidentally become a hint. As for the entrance, I would think covering it with snow would make it a even bigger indicator.

I'll bring it to the staff's attention so we can discuss it. Thanks!