Denied Lopsa Unban

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New Member
Steam Username: Lopsa

Length of Ban 3 Weeks

Staff Member that Banned You Does not say. Pretty sure it had the word "Zero" in it

Ban Reason Ear Rape, Civial Unrest, Gore, Disgusting, Porn

Why You Should Be Unbanned: It wall started when I posted a link with a 4 seconds of porn. I said I was sorry and It wont happen again. I then continued to play a documentray about the Columbine High School massacre aried on the discover channel. And an admin skipped it, anyway, he told me not to play it, and I said there is nothing wrong with this. So after a long debate his/her rule final. I ignored the warning and played another copy of the video and got all the way up to about 10 mins left. Kicked. Came back and played NOTHING. NOTHING AT ALL. I asked in chat, "would anyone else find this documentry offensive". No answer. 3 mins later BANNED FOR 3 WEEKS. First of all the videos have no ear rape in them The only LOUD part was during the first videos beginning and the end. Both lasted for about 15 seconds. it was not Sanic. It was a simple video intro and ending. Alot of videos are like that. Second no one else had a prob with it except the admin. GORE, this is too far. DEFINE GORE. nothing in that entire cheesy video had gore. So that is rediculous. The last 2 I can understand but I apologized and said it will not happen again. So I was soley banned on the doc. I would like to link both videos to you you can judge for yourself.
I only placed those 2 items becuase thats what got me banned. If you need the link with the 4 seconds of porn I will PM it to you.


Hello Lopsa i am the moderator who banned you so i will be handling your ban appeal.
First let me get the videos you were banned for: - Pornography, Ear Rape, Disgusting - Civil Unrest - Civil Unrest - Civil Unrest, Gore [D]

Okay so you were warned firstly like you stated for the porn that's self explanatory porn is not allowed on the server at all as it's stated in the rules. Now for the Columbine videos as i told you they violate the rules more specifically Rule #3 Shocking/Disturbing Content, the columbine videos you played violate this rule in a couple of ways First: they include live camera footage of the shootings (also just as a little side note just because it's news footage does not mean its okay to play it still falls under civil unrest and disturbing due to it still showing the shootings and dead bodies.) Second: It is very disturbing seeing a shooting even if its fake, just because its being reenacted its still being implied that its a shooting and the reenactments show some pretty disturbing parts such as shooting people hiding for their lives. Lastly the last video you played before you were banned you played a shorter columbine video that was 4 minutes long this video had real footage and at the end showed it showed pictures of the shooters dead with their heads blown open from a shotgun shell so that is considered Gore. I checked our server's video logs to confirm that these videos contain this content.

In conclusion i am going to have to deny your appeal, I warned you twice one time being teleporting you to staff lounge and telling you that you can not play videos about school shootings then as you stated you proceeded by ignoring my warning and not following the rules and search for another video of the same shooting to play which resulted in your kick. Then when you rejoined you played real life footage of columbine include pictures of the shooters dead.

Your Unban date will be 06/11/16
see you then.

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