Denied Lomrun's Ban Appeal

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New Member
Steam Username

Length of Ban
3 weeks

Staff Member that Banned You
Salty bird/ReconZero, not sure

Ban Reason

Why You Should Be Unbanned

In the rules it states that realistic amounts of blood is allowed, so my friend and I thought we were allowed to watch Rainbow due to its realism. Afterwards we watched a mildy ecchi anime, that showed lingerie. We weren't sure whether it was allowed or not.
We are deeply sorry, and we will make sure to use @ to check if an anime is allowed or not.
We will also use a private theather from now on.
Hi there Lomrun.
I'll be handling your appeal. Here is your ban information.

Moderator who banned you: Zerac
Reason: Hentai, Gore
Length: 3 Weeks
Video Log ID: 1381195, 1381196, 1381200, 1381204, 1381219, 1381225, 1381226

I talked to you and Wettenie about gore animes yesterday, yet the first thing you do today was to queue the same anime again.
After warning Wettenie about ecchi shows such as Hundred in public theaters, you straight up queued a borderline hentai show.
After that kick the first thing you did was queue'd another gory show, was warned about it again.
Then what got you banned was queueing the Another finale which has more than enough gore in it.

I was honestly considering doing a ban reduction if you did a good ban appeal, but then you tried to evade the ban using an alt, so that possibility is out the window. Considering all these things, I'll deny this ban appeal.
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