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We periodically add more wallpapers to the loading screen, as the background is randomly selected when it loads, so if you want to see your image as a background on YukiTheater's Loading Screen, request it here!


  • At least 1920x1080, can be larger in height or larger in width, just cannot be below that on either
  • Does not have to be in 16:9 ratio, but it's preferable
  • Preferably in PNG format (because it's uncompressed) if you can find it at the source with that
  • Please try to make it fit YukiTheater's Theme in some way, for example nighttime, winter, or anime themes

Provide Links for your suggested wallpaper!

Edit: Some of you asked if you could have access to the backgrounds so you could download them. You can get them here:
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I made this in sandbox for yukitheater and I hope you guys enjoy it. I would like to make more like this in the future.
I took these in Destiny 2 since I'm going through story mode again and I remembered there's a short section during the transition to the new Hub area that takes place on a snowy mountain (I know it isn't anime but does technically fit with the winter theme).

Should note these do save as PNG from the site directly and fit exactly at the minimum height and width surprisingly.
In case my other one is covered too much by loading screen elements, here's one that probably has a better chance.


  • vlcsnap-2021-08-07-02h34m05s763.png
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One last MGRP one for consideration. Team Ruler this time.
Edit: I've made an edit to remove the trash, this version is probably preferred. vlcsnap-2021-08-07-16h09m00s759.png


  • vlcsnap-2021-08-07-16h09m00s759.png
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Source is official key art from neon genesis Evangelion. It is so old I can only really find jpegs but I think the size and quality should be more than sufficient. Looks great full-screened and I think it would fit really well.
Also some Evangelion fan-art that I thought would fit well, with the ui elements for the loading screen being more focused on the bottom left where there is a lot of open space in this piece, plus the snow/yuki theming fitting the server.