Denied Krown's Ban Appeal

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Steam Username:

Length of Ban:

Staff Member that Banned You:

Ban Reason:

Crashed the server after saying 'GOODBYE WEEBS'.

Why You Should Be Unbanned:

This happened about 4 months ago... I really enjoyed playing on the server and I pretty much played all the time. I'm really sorry for doing it and I will never do it again.
Good Evening, I was the one who banned you originally. Permanent Bans are made for a few reasons, but inherently they mean that you, as a player, have done something bad enough to make the staff want to bar you from entry to the server forever. In this case, you crashed the server deliberately as a form of protest by expressing your discontent with its existence or how the staff runs it.

Furthermore, over the past few days you've been caught trying to get onto the server via Alternate Steam Accounts, a form of ban-avoidance, which would warrant an increase in your ban's length had your ban not already been Permanent.

Combining your original ban reason with the fact that you tried to defeat the ban system, all while not making a single Ban Appeal, frankly makes me have a tough time believing you when you say that you really enjoy playing on our server.

As a result, I will be denying this appeal. If you want another chance at some point, you will have to wait at least a year before creating another Ban Appeal.

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