Denied Keyblade_tsars ban appeal

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Steam Username-Keyblade_tsar

Length of Ban-Permanent

Staff Member that Banned You - ReconZer0(STEAM_0:1:70627681)

Ban Reason (I was banned because according to the ban logs, I had teased, made some players feel disgusted, and I was playing innappropiate videos even though I had been warned and banned previous times.

Why You Should Be Unbanned - I looked at the template of the ban appeals and it says that If Im banned permanenlt that I should wait at least 3 months of which I have taken the liberty of doing so. I think I should be unbanned because Within the last 5 months of being banned I learned that unlike my previous bans, I understand that my behavior was totally inappropriate and I solemnly promise that I will not repeat my transgressions.
Hi there Keyblade. You were indeed banned by ReconZero but the ban was ordered out by a former admin PandaSage. Since he is no longer part of staff I'll be assessing your appeal. The reason you were banned according to the ban logs is as follows:

Tease, Disgusting, Previous bans, Perma, Log IDs:1050245, 1050244, 1050243

You played 3 videos clips from Jackass that would be considered sexually suggestive and disgusting.
You've received several warnings and bans prior to this one for discrimination, trolling and one for ecchi.
You were warned in one of your appeals that your next ban would be permanent and so it was.
After making an appeal and having it denied you created two reports on the yukitheater forums targeting staff for being "abusive" and "SJWs".

I don't believe you've changed much since your ban. I've seen you on another server recently and you were making similar remarks about our staff and server. I don't understand why you would want to be welcomed back if this is how you feel about us.
I'd hope to see you change more in the future and maybe in that time you will be welcomed back into the community. Sorry I'm going to have to deny this appeal.

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