Denied Keyblade_tsar 2nd Appeal

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Length of Ban

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Ban Reason
Tease, Disgusting, Previous bans, Perma, Log IDs:1050245, 1050244, 1050243

I played 3 videos clips from Jackass that would be considered sexually suggestive and disgusting.
I've received several warnings and bans prior to this one for discrimination, trolling and one for ecchi.
I was warned in one of my appeals that my next ban would be permanent and so it was.
After making an appeal and having it denied I created two reports on the yukitheater forums targeting staff for being "abusive" and "SJWs".

Why You Should Be Unbanned

Before I go into my reasoning on why I should be unbanned, I would like to let the staff know that I looked at the template and it tells me that if my appeal was denied to try again a couple of weeks later, I wasnt completely sure if I wanted to wait another three months just to make another appeal so I decided to make one again in a month after my first appeal. After Patanima denied my appeal, he/she told me that I havent changed much since my ban, I would like to say that I have taken the time between then and now to exercise a more mature and more appropriate behavior conduct when I am on a server. I will admit that in the past I have been trolling on servers but I have grown out of doing so as it no longer fulfills my entertaining desires. I dont know any of yukitheaters admins or moderators outside of the server to chat with and befriend with, but I think if I am to demonstrate my changing behavior it would be helpful, rather than just tell without evidence that Ive reformed myself. I think I should be unbanned because I can demonstrate how I have changed by reading yukitheaters rules with more intent and perhaps conversating and getting acquainted with the administators and moderators of the server so that, unlike my previous times of being in yukitheater, I can set up a good example of what a proper guest of a server is supposed to behave. I will also request videos that follow in line with yukitheaters rules and not to offend anyone.
Hi there Keyblade. I'd like to appeal this now but we have to follow the guidelines for ban appeals. I'm going to have to deny this for now. Please consider making another appeal in 2 months. We'll properly assess that appeal and give a final decision.

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