Denied Keyblade Tsar's third ban appeal

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Tease, Disgusting, Previous bans, Perma, Log IDs:1050245, 1050244, 1050243

I played 3 videos clips from Jackass that would be considered sexually suggestive and disgusting.
I've received several warnings and bans prior to this one for discrimination, trolling and one for ecchi.
I was warned in one of my appeals that my next ban would be permanent and so it was.
After making an appeal and having it denied I created two reports on the yukitheater forums targeting staff for being "abusive" and "SJWs".

Why should I be unbanned? I waited the two months that a moderator tells me before I should request a ban appeal, it has been two months. I think I should be unbanned because during the time that I was banned permanently late last year to this day I have actually learned how to behave properly on a server and read the rules. I am more mature and I have put the my immature behavuior that got me banned from yukithjeater to an end. I will solemnly swear that I will whole heartedly obey the rules of this server.
Hey there keyblade.
Thank you for waiting some time to make another appeal.
Unfortunately this will have to be the last for now.
We've decided as higher staff that we won't be appealing your ban.
Past incidents with you and your behavior towards our staff and users has lead us to believe that you wouldn't be a healthy person to have in our community again. Like I've said in your past appeals, I'd like to have you back once you've truly changed, but a few months won't cut it. Maybe in several months from now we will be able to consider appealing your ban but for now it will have to remain.
Till then, take care.

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