Denied Kaz's Mod Application (Updated)

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Steam Username: Kaz

Current Age:

Eastern Time Zone

Number of Hours Typically on our Servers in One Day: I usually spend an hour or two on Yuki when I'm online. Sometimes I spend a lot more when I have the time. As a moderator, I would shift my focus and time on moderating the server.

Position Applying For: Moderator

Understand and Agree to Maintain Activity Quota?: Yes, I understand and agree to the Quota

Past Experience/Creations Applicable to Position: I used to host a Minecraft server with my friends around 2010-2012. Both my friends and anyone else that entered the server was properly moderated to keep the server environment safe and friendly. I am also an officer at my high school anime club. I have done a good job at controlling the students participating in events and meetings. This shows that I am competent at managing and overseeing members of a community.

Community Join Date and Total Playtime on Servers (you can give a rough estimate if you don't know):
I first joined Yuki around April-May of 2015. I have a total playtime of 252 hours (will continue to update)

How You Would Improve the Studio or Community:

I will properly moderate the servers and get more involved within the community. My moderation methods shall be fair and unbiased, and I will make sure to assist any players with their problems. YukiTheater is easily my favorite gmod server and I would be very ecstatic to be a part of the staff.

Extra Information or Comments: In recent weeks I have not been on very often, but I will have plenty of time for the rest of spring.
Hello there!

We've just updated our stickied Staff Application Information thread to include information about our new application process. This application is too old to participate in the new process, and as such, is being Automatically Denied.

However, if you are still interested in becoming a Moderator for Solstice Game Studios, we encourage you to re-apply with a new application.

We hope to see you in the future!

/auto denied
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