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Here is my introduction, with words that explain myself and a partial introduction of ...

Kidding, hello all!
I am Kawaii, Believe It! I joined YukiTheater back in Summer of 2014. I have been off and on the server for the past 17 months. I have been known for various things on the server. You will see me around as a familiar face so say Hello or add me. I will reply ^-^ I am one of the smart asses on the server and I like to have fun.
I am a novice programmer and a novice map builder. I am excellent with server hosting and networking.

I love to do virtual stuff, and I am looking into graphic/video game designing. I work for the largest intranet in the United States. I am also a guitarist/musician. But all and all, the nickname is Kawaii for short.

Eventually I will add onto this thread as I am on the server enjoying my stay. So join the server and feel free to message me!