Jun 2, 2014


Staff member
Founder/Lead Developer
  • Added support for the 2 new auditoriums in the Theater Logs/Room Info/etc
  • Updated Map with 2 new auditoriums, Step-Lighting, proper Theater Seats, a new Skybox, and an updated YukiTheater Logo
  • Added support for new 24/7 Movie Room/re-coded a bunch of the Scheduling System
  • Made some heavy Clientside optimizations (More FPS, better performance, Dual Core Laptop Users rejoice)
  • Added 3 Achievements (TIME TO OCTAGON!, Freezing with the Admins, and Millionaire)
  • The radios that admins can spawn now obey Clients' Volume Setting (F4 Menu)
  • Disabled Volume Changes while typing in Chat (+ and - buttons)
  • Fixed duplicate entries in Client Video History (re-queue all duplicate videos to fix previous entries, backward compatible with Cinema)
  • Fixed Hats not equipping automatically upon joining
  • Added some workarounds for Hats on big-head/hair Playermodels
  • Slot Machines now only play most of their sounds in the Lobby
  • Disabled PhysgunPickup on a ton of stuff (Gamer pls)
  • Fixed Player Account Loading MySQL Queries running more than once (No more duplicate entries!)
  • Fixed the Steam Group Achievement
  • Updated Chess and Checkers to version 2.2.4
  • Moved Chess and Checkers notifications to HUD Announcements
  • Fixed "Like this Server" Advert displaying to players it shouldn't
  • Made Inventory receiving more reliable
  • Fixed non-highlighted Player Names in some AFK Notifications
  • Moved around a bunch of code/fixed some possible vulnerabilities
  • Moved Lottery Seconds and Pot Integers to GlobalInt instead of Player NWInt
  • Fixed Private Theater Owner and Rent Remaining background displaying on non-private theaters