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Jun 13, 2015

Discussion in 'Changelog' started by WinterPhoenix, Dec 30, 2015.

  1. WinterPhoenix

    WinterPhoenix Founder/Lead Developer Staff Member Founder/Lead Developer

    Dec 28, 2015
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    • Completely fixed the KissAnime Service, including buffering/seeking/multiple resolutions (Broke again on July 1st ;-; )
    • Added YukiBot, an intelligent Chat Bot that will respond to "How do I x" chat messages, among other things
    • Added 20 New Playermodels
    • Added 8 more Slot Machines
    • Added Camera and Holster SWEPs
    • Fixed the Seats System
    • Implemented a custom Video Request Web Browser Home Webpage
    • Players can now hide their location from the Scoreboard
    • Scoreboard Mute Button now totally mutes the target player, including local chat and PMs
    • Cleaned up and improved a lot of the Server Restart/Shutdown code so it's more reliable with refunding credits, etc
    • Added a Server Restart notice to the HUD when the server is restarting
    • Added an Autoban System for Players using Steam Family Sharing when the lending account is banned
    • Added a Ban Log system that will log every ban anybody has ever received in a database
    • Tied Piano Volume to F4 Volume Slider
    • Maybe fixed the AFK System not marking players AFK if they're sitting
    • Improved the appearance of the HUD slightly
    • Fixed Video Request Web Browser Controls being barely functional
    • Popcorn Weapon no longer makes that annoying clicking sound
    • Added a Chess and a Checkers board to the Main Theater's VIP Area
    • Fixed LiveStream requests sometimes not working
    • Maybe fixed the cl_hats error spam
    • Made adding Rent from the F4 Menu when there's no owner of a Private Theater possible
    • Player Filter Settings will now only apply after clicking the Apply button
    • Theater Owners are now notified if their rent is going to expire in 5 minutes
    • Fixed Player Titles showing up with SQL-escaped garbage in-game
    • Fixed a race condition where two players could win the same Slots Jackpot
    • Made every single / chat command aliased to !
    • Fixed Video Titles overflowing the HUD container for Video Info
    • Fixed Katana not looking like it's swinging from a Thirdperson point-of-view
    • Tied Slots and Piano seats to the native seat system due to issues with placement with Chibi/Papercraft Miku
    • Disabled the ability to holster the Katana by Right Clicking with it equipped
    • Replaced all instances of FindPlayer.SteamID with player.GetBySteamID (introduced in last GMod Update)
    • Fixed an issue with the Donation System that would cause MySQL Errors if the player had a quotation mark in their name (Thank you vel' for breaking this for us XD)
    • Clicking a Player's Avatar in the Scoreboard will now bring up a list of Options
    • Properly MySQL-escaped Video Logs
    • Mods+ are now warned when they walk into a Theater in Whitelist Mode
    • Updated Marisa playermodel so it stops creating crashes upon ragdolling
    • Added Cache-Control Headers to SERVICE:Fetch requests so we don't end up spitting out old data
    • Fixed improperly SQL-escaped queries causing video titles to possibly wipe a player's Video History
    • Fixed "theater.RegisterService: Base class 'base' not found!" error
    • Locations are now logged in the Chat Logs
    • Fixed Theater Filter Mode Indicators sometimes showing up when they shouldn't be
    • Disabled naming theaters the same as the Original Name of others
    • Fixed video blacklisting errors if the player using it has a quotation mark in their name
    • Disabled what was left of the Co-Owner's Achievements code
    • Disabled the weird forced FOV from the Blink SWEP
    • Removed a bunch of leftover resource.AddFile stuff in the Firework SENTs