Jun 13, 2014


Staff member
Founder/Lead Developer
  • Fixed seats not being destroyed properly when a player improperly leaves one
  • Fixed player title fetching getting other players' titles (No I really think I fixed it this time)
  • I Get Around and Window Shopper Achievements are fixed and are now worth more
  • Fixed incorrect Lottery Info on HUD
  • Made HUD Server Time Display more reliable
  • Staff Announcements now make players' GMod Client window flash
  • Player Locations on the Scoreboard now display proper Auditorium Names (Useful if the Auditorium Owner renamed it)
  • Clarified what kind of Links should be used with the Lobby Music Selector
  • Fixed "Kliener" Typo in Playermodels
  • Made /rave more reliable
  • Added "Time with Admins" to Player Stats
  • Fixed refunding VIP Passes when a Player Donates and they still have one
  • Added a helpful Console Command for Server Restarting/Updating that will assist with maintaining Current Population
  • Increased the Delay for updating several pieces of Players' Accounts (Serverside Optimization)
  • Player Video Stats now save Just-In-Time (Serverside Optimization)
  • Credit Payouts are now only updated in the MySQL Database when they change (Serverside Optimization)
  • Added delay to the Location think hook to potentially fix early net messages (Vanilla Cinema Merge)
  • Optimized Theater Queue and Player updating in MySQL
  • Fixed a race-condition error in the Web Browser (SetupCallbacks error)
  • Fixed setting VIP Team On-Join
  • Fixed Private Theater Queue Clear Timer clearing even if there's a NULL Owner (They disconnected)
  • Fixed Private Theater NULL Owner preventing requesting of Videos (If the Queue isn't locked)
  • Fixed the entire Scheduling System (It was an utter mess)