Jul 5, 2014


Staff member
Founder/Lead Developer
  • Added 4 Playermodels (Leon Kennedy, Master Chief, Tda Kuro Miku (Zatsune Miku), and Yoko Littner)
  • Added 5 Popcorn Kernels (Saigusa's Hair Beads, Chibi Reimu, Chibi Shiro, Homonculus Symbol (Fullmetal Alchemist), and Chibi Ryouko Head)
  • Added 5 Hats (Cat Ears, Majora's Mask, Santa Hat, Party Hat, and a Fedora (Yoko + Fedora = Fedorable))
  • Added Playtime Level: Hazzy Achievement
  • Rewrote the AFK System, it should be more reliable now
  • Lua Errors are now Logged in MySQL to assist with debugging
  • Player Titles are now fixed (sorry!)
  • Muting a player from the Scoreboard now mutes their Global Chat as well
  • Server Admin Restart command now cleans up/updates Auditorium/Player Data before restart
  • Greatly nerfed YukiTheater Player Levels, Credits and other things now have a much smaller impact (Hazzy you're gonna lose like 600 Levels)
  • Moved the CheckDonator-IAmVIPAchievement Per-Player Timers to a single Timer (Optimization)
  • Increased delay for Updating Ranks in MySQL (Optimization)
  • Increased Delay of Update_Changelog_Rendering_Status Timer (Optimization)
  • Optimized Miku-Miku Achievement Check Timer
  • Fixed locking the Queue preventing everybody in the Room, including the Owner, from queuing videos
  • Players' IP Addresses are now stored in their Account Data to assist with IP Banning, etc
  • /me is now disabled for players muted with ULX
  • Private Theater Bans are now cleared if the Theater Owner disconnects
  • Updated the Server Rules to specify Excessively Loud or Annoying Videos as Bannable
  • Zombies Kills Stat is now updated when a Player Disconnects
  • Adjusted Preview Model size for Hats
  • Fixed F3>Copy Video URL for YouTube (used to fail because YouTube requires www in the link sometimes now...)
  • Added some debugging code to Seats to try and figure out why they become un-enterable
  • Added /pers taunt
  • Disabled naming rooms with an empty string
  • Fixed Anime and Movie Rooms not displaying their Current Videos on the Theater Overview
  • Added WIP Hat Placement code for the updated Hat System (10341 lines of code so far)