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Jul 27, 2018

Discussion in 'Changelog' started by WinterPhoenix, Jul 28, 2018.

  1. WinterPhoenix

    WinterPhoenix Founder/Lead Developer Staff Member Founder/Lead Developer

    Dec 28, 2015
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    This list contains changes made to GMod Cruise Line since Mar 12, 2018.

    • GMod Cruise Line is now in Open Beta! This isn't an Open Beta Weekend, it means we're never going back to Closed Beta!
    • Anybody can join and play for free (assuming you have Garry's Mod) now; you don't need to be a Donator to play anymore, so grab your friends and hop onboard!

    • Added 10 New Equippable Particle Effects
      • Hearts
      • Falling Pixels
      • Autumn
      • Updated Snow (still exclusive to Legacy Donators)
      • Salad
      • Kiwi
      • Blue Pixels
      • Red Pixels
      • Green Pixels
      • Pink Pixels
    • Added 1 New Achievement
      • Welcome Aboard: Join Solstice Game Studios' Discord
    • Added 16 New Chat Commands
      • /changelog
      • /chat, /discord
      • /donate
      • /forums
      • /gmclstatus: Opens the GMCL Status Page
      • /help
      • /relinkdiscord: Relinks your Discord account to your GMCL account
      • /report
      • /rules
      • /serverstatus: Opens the Server Status Page
      • /shrug
      • /steamgroup
      • /tableflip
      • /unflip
      • /website
    • Added 1 New Setting
      • Chat Fade Delay
    • Increased Economy Payouts across the board (Achievements, Excursions, etc)
    • Fixed Cubes particle effect not working in gamemodes other than the Ship
    • Fixed First Join Inventory/Achievements being shared between accounts
    • Fixed(?) Settings being shared between Players or between a Player's own items with the same ID
    • Fixed Item Model Precaching
    • Improved SolAdmin, SolAntiCheat, and Autoban Systems
    • SolAntiCheat now Kicks on "Bad DLL detected" instead of Banning
    • SolAntiCheat now Logs on "Unexpected DLL" detected instead of Warning
    • SolAntiCheat now gives extra detail for Warns/Kicks/Bans (when relevant)
    • Tweaked Default Item descriptions
    • Added tracking of AFK Time
    • Added "useful chat commands" advert upon joining
    • Fixed Chatbox not allowing Non-ASCII characters
    • Chatbox now draws on top of everything else when open
    • Equipped Particle Effects are no longer drawn twice per frame (optimization)
    • Tweaked appearance of Derma_Query
    • Added Sequence (Animation) setting support for Items
    • Added Chat Highlight functionality (sound effect, etc, for important messages)
    • Improved >greentext handling in the Chatbox
    • Added Bold/Italic/Underline mark down support to Chatbox
    • Player Count statistics now only count Unique Joins per day
    • Improved Scoreboard Achievements sorting

    • Ship Map has been updated from Build #11 through Build #14
      • Build #12: Totally rebuilt the map from scratch, with roughly the same layout as Build #1-11, and with a drastically different appearance
      • Readded Nighttime Time of Day
      • Fixed Nighttime Ocean Water
      • Added (the first of the) Directory Boards
      • Cabin Layout/Appearance has been updated
      • A small amount of the Lido Deck has been blocked out
    • GMCL now observes 17 hour days (Time of Day Skewing)
      • 8 Hours of Daytime (3 hours of Morning, 4 Hours of Afternoon), 1 Hour of Sunset, 8 Hours of Nighttime
      • Players will now see a different time of day every ~2 days if playing around the same time
    • Added Cabin Door Glow effect
      • Blue = Owner
      • Green = Can enter
      • Yellow = Friends-only Mode, will let you in if you’re a friend (that’s fixed too)
      • Red = No Owner or not allowed in
    • Added 66 New Spawnable Items
      • Wall-Mounted HDTV
      • Sticker Paintable
      • Modern Couch
      • Ceiling Light 1
      • Ceiling Light 2
      • Ceiling Light 3
      • Ceiling Light 4
      • Ceiling Light 5
      • Light Bar
      • Plastic Chair
      • Old Bed Frame
      • Wooden Chair 1
      • Old Couch 1
      • Old Loveseat 1
      • Old Mattress
      • Wooden Nightstand
      • Circular Wooden Table
      • Wooden Table 1
      • Wooden Table 2
      • Old Stove
      • Gravestone
      • Leather Office Chair
      • Fancy Wooden Desk
      • Globe
      • Fancy Wooden Clock
      • Wooden Chair 2
      • Old Couch 2
      • Old Loveseat 2
      • Old Radiator
      • Old Kettle
      • Old Pot 1
      • Cardboard Box 1
      • Cardboard Box 2
      • Cardboard Box 3
      • Cardboard Box 4
      • Cinder Block
      • Gas Can
      • Hula Doll
      • Metal Bucket
      • Trash Can
      • Traffic Cone
      • Wooden Crate
      • Wood Bench
      • Old File Cabinet
      • Metal Foldable Chair
      • Old Gas Pump
      • Old Bath Tub
      • Skull
      • Old Cash Register
      • Old Stool
      • Old Office Chair
      • Old Keyboard
      • Old Doll
      • Old Washing Machine
      • Old Pot 2
      • Old Pot 3
      • Recycled Cardboard
      • Old Coffee Mug
      • Old Newspaper
      • Old Metal Can
      • Cactus
      • Old Computer
      • Old Plastic Jar
      • Old Monitor
      • Metal Seat Row
      • Old Car Wheel
    • Bowling
      • Added 8 New Achievements
        • The Perfect Game: Finish a game with a perfect score of 300
        • Bringer Of Thanksgiving: Get a Turkey (3 Strikes in a row)
        • Pro Bowler: Finish a game with a score of 250 or higher
        • No Bumpers Needed: Finish a game with no Gutterballs
        • That's No Gutterball: Get a Strike
        • No More Mr. Gutterball: Get 100 Strikes
        • Spared Yet Again: Get 200 Spares
        • Average Bowler: Finish a game with a score of 150 or higher
      • Added Bowling Payouts
      • Added Bowling Statistic Tracking for NumStrikes, NumSpares, NumGutters, and Score Record
      • Fixed Bowling Scoring being broken/incorrect in several ways
      • Fixed Bowling Pins sometimes not appearing on the client during Bowling Starting
      • Added Zoom functionality (ala Wii Sports)
      • Fixed Bowling Seating not being correctly handled in several ways
      • Fixed Scorecard not closing itself once the local player has left the game
      • Added various physics sound effects
      • Added "score" jingle sound effects
      • Fixed Bowling going into Frame 11 before "ending"
      • Fixed Bowling not correctly resetting upon the game ending (Frame 12 was a thing)
      • Bowling Starting now has a nice little camera pan in front of the pins
      • Added Knocked Down Pin Display to Bowling HUD
      • Strikes In A Row now appear on Bowling HUD
      • Fixed Bowling 10th Frame not being correctly handled in several ways
    • Added 8 New Settings
      • New Media Video settings (Resolution, Max Sync Diff., FPS, and Closed Captions)
      • Draw HUD Crosshair
      • Draw Player Glow setting now has 3 levels (0 = Off, 1 = Reduced, 2 = Full)
      • Do Random Taunt While AFK
      • Thirdperson Camera Offset
    • Added 2 New Chat Commands
      • /kill: Makes you commit suicide
      • /time: Says how long is remaining until the Next Time of Day Change
    • Added 1 New Achievement
      • Interior Decorator: Vomit in somebody else's Cabin
    • Added 5 New Item Settings
      • Media Screens: Always Show Audio Visualizer
      • Retro Radio: Subwoofer
      • Ceiling Fan 1: Sequence Animation (On or Off)
      • Sticker Paintable: Image Unlit
      • Laser Emitter/Stage Light: Color
    • Added Media Video Support
      • YouTube and Twitch are now supported
      • YouTube video audio is automatically converted so other FFT-Enabled Media Items can react to the audio (ex. Laser Emitter, Stage Light, Retro Radio)
      • Added Media Screens to Old Monitor, Monitor, Wall-Mounted HDTV, Splendor Cinema, and Pharos Nightclub
      • Media Screens can now be turned On or Off by the local player
      • Media Screens now have unique Idle Screens and Audio Visualizers for each item/location they're attached to
    • Splendor Cinema is now fully functional
    • "Playing <Media Name>" messages now appear when Media starts playing in the local player's location
    • Lowered the lower limit for Pharos Nightclub screen shake
    • Rewrote how Media Audio FFT data is processed into Low/Mid/High Chunks (uses real frequency ranges now, making Audio Visualization way better)
    • Media Screen Shake now uses the real peak frequency of the Low range of the audio
    • Added support for Live Media (Twitch, Live Audio streams) in Cabins
    • Adjusted Pharos Nightclub Cube FFT responsiveness
    • Added new effects to Pharos Nightclub Cubes
    • Added new effects to Pharos Nightclub Laser Emitters
    • Added Play/Pause support to Media System (in Cabins)
    • Added proper handling for Media Screens that aren't 16:9 (black bars while video is shown)
    • Removed Old Starfield, Bubble Pillars, and Dance Floor from Pharos Nightclub
    • Fixed Stage Light/Laser Emitter model collisions
    • Fixed Picture Frame 1/2/3 appearance
    • Added Used Items Shop
    • Fixed Tri-Photo Frame offsets
    • Fixed players not being able to move/remove items in their Cabin from outside of it (props blocking the door could not be removed)
    • The Ship server gamemode now appears in the Server Browser simply as "GMod Cruise Line"
    • Added missing Build Shop NPC dialog messages
    • Fixed properly, finally, Item Spawning collision detection
    • Fixed Excursion Coordinators sometimes not showing the correct Progress
    • Players can now change their Map Vote for Excursions after they've already submitted one
    • Excursion Map Voting now makes GMod's window flash (on Windows)
    • Added Progress Bar to Excursion Map Voting GUI
    • Fixed Excursion/Minigame Coordinator render bounds
    • Fixed certain 3D2D things (Coordinators, Shop names, etc) drawing underneath prop_statics
    • Cabins now close their doors when players check out, before locking
    • HUD E Interactions now correctly show "Open/Close" for prop_doors
    • Shopkeepers can now be Male too
    • Fixed HUD Interactions appearing while Taunting
    • Fixed "Transferring Queued Players" Excursion Coordinator bug
    • Fixed Animated Paintable Limit
    • Fixed Coordinators and Excursion Map Voting GUI sometimes displaying negative time
    • The Ship's Horn now blows right before a Time of Day Change

    . . .
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  2. WinterPhoenix

    WinterPhoenix Founder/Lead Developer Staff Member Founder/Lead Developer

    Dec 28, 2015
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    . . .

    Ship (cont.)
    • Drastically improved the Bottom Left HUD's performance by using a gradient texture for the logo background
    • Fixed being able to Sit while Taunting
    • Fixed Thirdperson Cameras not correctly ignoring Seat-related Entities while the player is Sitting
    • Fixed Watermelon Pet and Shopkeepers' floating text not correctly drawing while in Thirdperson
    • Players can now Chat on the Excursion Map Vote screen
    • Added Donate Panel
    • Optimized SkyPaint MatProxy (6.29x faster!)
    • Optimized PLAYER.IsThirdperson
    • Slightly optimized Watermelon Pet
    • Slightly optimized Player Glow
    • Fixed Friends-only Mode for Cabins
    • Added Hearts particle effect for Watermelon Pets when they're near each other
    • Added Media Volume Changing with + and - keys
    • Taunt chat messages are now correctly restricted to the player location's group
    • Vehicles/Seats' Thirdperson is now controlled by the regular Thirdperson system
    • Improved reliability/performance of Thirdperson system
    • Players can now "Sleep" on Beds/Matresses
    • Fixed using Freeze Thirdperson sometimes snapping the camera to the left
    • Added queued player count to "Excursion about to launch" notifications
    • Adjusted Thirdperson camera bounds so it clips with walls less
    • Fixed Minigames not correctly ending in various situations
    • Added "Quit Minigame" button to Q menu while players are in a Minigame
    • Disabled Suicide while in a Minigame
    • Disabled Taunting while in a Minigame
    • Disabled Alcohol movement/camera hijacking and vomiting while in a Minigame
    • Minigame Coordinators now make players be alive, out of a vehicle, with no sequence taunt, and with all GUI panels closed before they join the game
    • Made Minigame Voice Chat 2D if in same Instance
    • Added Excursion Leaderboards
    • Added Tracking for WIP Minigame Leaderboards
    • Reduced AFK timeout to 10 minutes
    • Added Craig to possible Showcase Pet names
    • Added Cabin Lights setting (you can turn the Lights in your Cabin On and Off now)

    • Added Frosty map
    • Added 12 New Achievements
      • Cannon Fodder: Get a Hole In One
      • Return Of The Cannons: Get 25 Hole in Ones
      • I'm An Albatroz: Get an Albatross
      • American Icon: Get 50 Eagles
      • Seventy-Five Little Birds: Get 75 Birdies
      • Average Cup Of Golf: Get 100 Pars
      • Painting By Numbers: Finish a course without going Out Of Bounds
      • Sinking In: Get a Par or better (but not a Hole In One) on any Hole
      • Ruler Of The Backyard: Finish with a Par or better score on Backyard
      • Speak Of The Devil: Finish with a Par or better score on Heck
      • Master Of Ice And Fire: Finish with a Par or better score on Frosty
      • Tiger In The Woods: Get 100 Hole in Ones
    • Fixed red_light material's $surfaceprop on Heck being busted on Linux
    • Fixed Golf Balls not correctly pulling SurfaceProp data from any entity it might be on top of
    • Added Ball Position Reset button to Ball Options Menu (C)
    • Added Last Power Marker to Power Bar
    • Fixed players being able to hit the Ball while it's moving if it wasn't initiated by them
    • Added various missing map ambience sound effects
    • Increased Backyard Hole 16 Par from 5 to 6
    • Muted Player Footsteps
    • Added a slight amount of pitch variance to the Golf Ball impact sound
    • Fixed Hole In One Cannon animation not running at full speed
    • Fixed Player "Death" Sounds not being muted
    • Added Statistics Tracking for NumHIOs, NumCondors, NumAlbatrosses, NumEagles, NumBirdies, NumPars, NumBogeysOrWorse, and NumOutOfBounds
    • Added Personal (Hole)/Leaderboard (Map) Stroke Record Tracking + Achievement-like chat messages when players beat them

    • Added Player Cards for all players
      • Shows Inventory, Cabin Info, Various Statistics, and more!

    We'll be doing Changelogs more often from now on, so keep an eye out! Love You All! <3
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  3. WinterPhoenix

    WinterPhoenix Founder/Lead Developer Staff Member Founder/Lead Developer

    Dec 28, 2015
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    Also, for comparison, here's what the Atrium looked like before the Ship Map was totally redone (Build #11)...

    And here's what it looks like now (Build #14)...
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  4. Brents

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    Jun 24, 2018
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    Great work! :)
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