Jul 18, 2013


Staff member
Founder/Lead Developer
  • New Loading Screen!
  • Added Falling Snow to the Theater Screen Webpage
  • Fixed Lottery System (again) and changed Lottery Achievement Boost from 1000 to 500 Credits
  • Fixed the In One Sitting and I Get Around Achievements
  • Added /help Chat Command
  • Improved Donator Panel Font Quality
  • Removed MOTD Panel and replaced it with a Rules List
  • Added 6 Playermodels
  • Improved Model Precache System
  • Moved "Loading..." on Theater Screens toward the top because of some issues with it still showing Post-Pageload with the updated Webpage
  • Players' Ranks are now stored on MySQL
  • Removed Map and Fonts from Workshop Content (Using FastDL for these now)