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Jul 15, 2015

Discussion in 'Changelog' started by WinterPhoenix, Dec 30, 2015.

  1. WinterPhoenix

    WinterPhoenix Founder/Lead Developer Staff Member Founder/Lead Developer

    Dec 28, 2015
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    This is a Optimization Update! This means that many things could not function as expected or at all! Keep a lookout for bugs and report them!
    • Completely replaced the MySQLOO module with tmysql4 (Performance and Stability improvements)
    • Players will now auto-rejoin the server if they lose connection for 12 seconds
    • Muted Popcorn Click Sound (For real this time! :D)
    • Muted Footsteps and Zombies while inside of Theaters
    • YukiTheater RTMP Service now supports multiple streams at once
    • Optimization: Moved all 3D2D Signs to Entities using DrawTranslucent (Massive FPS Gains)
    • Optimization: Player Names now only draw if you're looking directly at the target player
    • Fixed ALT+TAB AFK Loop
    • Fixed AFK not refreshing during Chess/Checkers matches
    • F1-F4 Menus now open immediately, without the server having to respond
    • HUD Announcements are now much more reliable, smoother, and no longer depend on Timers
    • The AFK Warning is now much more discreet while Sitting or in Fullscreen Mode in auditoriums
    • KissAnime Service will now properly error if we're IP Banned via CloudFlare (Working on a fix soon)
    • HUD FPS Counter is now actually accurate
    • Credits amount is no longer taken into account with YTLevels
    • Added "How do I PM" and some variations of other responses to YukiBot
    • Fixed Camera not emitting the Shoot Sound for other players
    • Optimization: Localized Global variables wherever possible (except timer, hook, and sql in most places)
    • Fixed excessive networking with Instruments
    • Fixed Instruments playing at full volume if the F4 Volume Slider is set to 0
    • Properly networked HoldType with SWEPs (should fix stuck Camera Animation)
    • Optimized UpdatePlayerTeams and switched it from a hook to a delayed timer
    • Fixed(?) the Duplicate Title Glitch (Attempt #6)
    • Changed Server Restart Command to connect to join.yukitheater.org instead of straight reconnecting in case the server IP is changing
    • Fixed a possible glitch with the Credits System should the player be NotFullyInit
    • Fixed players accidentally being kicked out of the Auditorium upon changing Theater Filter Mode
    • Player Filter now applies upon the menu closing if you forgot to hit Apply
    • Fixed Filter Mode change notifications being spammed if the server is overloaded
    • Changed out some places using CurTime with RealTime to increase time accuracy
    • Optimization: Cleaned up CheckLocationHiddenStatus, CheckCreditsHiddenStatus, and CheckPlayerFilterWhitelistStatus
    • Optimization: Disabled TickWidgets, since it's not used in any of our code
    • Optimization: Increased delay with ULibNameCheck Timer
    • Fixed a certain musical easter egg sometimes triggering by accident
    • Changed MoveType for 3D2D Panels to MOVETYPE_NONE
    • Fixed(?) B| showing up in the Theater List if the auditorium's rent just expired
    • Improved the method for getting and assigning Video.MySQLID
    • Fixed remaining url.host errors for SERVICE.Match
    • Removed Viooz Support
    • Removed whatever Tower of Terror code was left
    • Disabled old 3D2D Arcade Label
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