Jul 13, 2014


Staff member
Founder/Lead Developer
  • Updated Chess and Checkers to Version 2.2.3 (Adds Spectating Mode (press E on tables) and fixes Model Scale issues)
  • Added /piano Chat Command which opens the Piano Lessons Sharing Thread on GMod Tower Forums
  • Added a Chat Message when you enter the Piano Seat about the /piano Chat Command
  • YTLevels are now calculated when players join (I didn't break it, okay?! ;w;)
  • Saying a / Chat Command that's invalid now hides it and displays a message to the player that used it
  • Fixed Hats spontaneously growing when equipped on a Big-Hair/Big-Head Playermodel
  • Credit Boost Notifications are now delayed so players actually see them when they join
  • Fixed Server Admin Restart Command failing to cleanup VIP Players properly
  • Fixed a typo in IsFullyInit() that could potentially prevent it from marking players
  • Fixed Stats and Timestamps for Lua Error Logging (A WHERE statement could have been useful...)
  • Added a ridiculous amount of Debug Code to the Seats system to help me figure out what's breaking them