Jul 12, 2022


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This list contains changes made to YukiTheater since Apr 25, 2022.

  • Chat: Fixed /me
  • Chat: Fix markdown not working depending on the number of characters that aren't markdown
  • Admin: Fix initial message for Warnings
  • Entities: Added sgs_prop_base (used for map entities that we want to customize from Hammer)

  • Media: Add support for Crunchyroll (Beta/Premium site only)
  • Media: Support one video sending multiple ClientMediaInfo updates
    • Fixes pre-roll ads, recaps, etc being treated as the whole video (ex. Netflix's Stranger Things Season 3 Recap)
  • Media: Seek back to the beginning if the duration changes via ClientMediaInfo (Fixes recaps, pre-roll ads, etc causing missed time)
  • Media: Added GoLoad and Plyr sub-services
  • Media: Fix Direct Audio service's Content-Disposition filename parsing
  • Media: Paramount now uses the longest duration video instead of a half-fix using a minimum duration
  • Media: Solstream now uses the level's height for Media Internal Resolution instead of label to conform to HLS playlist spec
  • Media: Update GoGoAnime's domain name 3 or 4 times
  • Media: Fix various Sub-services not successfully getting the HTML5 Player because JS was running too early
  • Media: Fix "ad residue" for MP4Upload sub-service
  • Media: Fix JWPlayer sub-service trying to infinitely remove .jw-dock elements even if they aren't present
  • Media: Remove AnimeKisa service (dead ☠)

  • Update Map to v2.5
    • Karaoke improvements, including expanding its size, tearing down the wall between it and the Lobby, and adding decor/waterfalls
    • Added the Twilight Hall (semi-WIP; will probably have some tweaks/expansion in the future)
  • Expire the Holiday 2021 Achievements

  • Moderation Logs: Make Steam ID search also search by Admin's Steam ID

In case you didn't know, I've got some more free time at the moment, which I'll be spending a lot of working on SGS and Yuki. Please look forward to more updates in the coming weeks!

Love you all 💕
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