Jul 11, 2013


Staff member
Founder/Lead Developer
  • Re-hauled a lot of the Lottery System code, it now acts closer to a real Lottery
  • Switched from tmysql4_boost to MySQLOO v8 Module for MySQL Connections/Queries
  • Fixed some issues with content resulting from switching the server to run on a Linux OS
  • Added "is no longer AFK" Chat Message
  • Added Fancy Notifications System (A lot less Chat spam!)
  • Moved Adverts from ULX to a custom script (Now it won't tell you about Donator stuff if you've already donated)
  • Disabled moving of the Piano
  • Moved a bunch of ChatPrint Messages to the new Notifications System
  • Added red "AFK" above AFK Players' Names
  • Added resource.AddWorkshop() for YukiTheater's Content Pack (Everybody should be able to join a lot faster now)
  • Added /me Chat Command
  • Video Logging now logs the Theater Room it was requested in, and the Room's Owner, if any
  • Increased stability of "On-Join" Achievements (Donator!, Thousandaire, etc)