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I have been a member and a donor of the Yuki server for a long time. I want to start of by saying I have a lot of appreciation for the server. I'm not asking for a complete appeal but a time reduction. When I played the video it was in my playlist. I had played the video in another server that had allowed Real Life Death. But when I played it in Yuki Theater. I was alone in the theater and it was only playing for the length of 15 seconds or under before I attempted to remove the video. I was so relaxed with the server that I had forgot that I was breaking the rules. But I did attempt to fix my action. Again there was a failure on my part for breaking the rules. I agree to this. And I also know that it was a mistake and not a deliberate attempt to break the server rules. I give my apologies out to those I have effected.

If I were to have a reduction of ban length. I would give my word to be more aware of what I post in theaters and to re-read the rules provided by the server. Also, I would donate 2 hours worth of my money (to the people of the server) for my behavior. I soon hope to join you guys again in the Theaters. -save me a seat-
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For someone who says they have been apart of the Yuki server for such a long time, I would think that you would know our stance on videos that show real life death. For whatever reason, you thought it would be okay to play a video called "+18! The moments of death, war is hell" that had trigger words throughout the title. Yes I see you skipped it pretty early in, but just because something is allowed on another server doesn't mean it's allowed on Yuki, and your lack of attention does not excuse this action.

After much discussion, the staff has decided to reduce your ban. You may return on 5/21/16.
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