Denied Jakeyyyy's Ban Appeal (EFFORT)


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Steam Username: Jakeyyyy

Length of Ban: 168 Hours (1 week) for calling somebody a "Fag" LOL

Staff Member that Banned You: Salty Bird

Ban Reason: Lets just say being disrespect towards a player. All of the other reasons given are completely irrelevant and bullshit.

Why You Should Be Unbanned:
As I said "One day I will read the rules" Today is that day! I have decided to read the rules. Didn't work out very well, I had one glance at the rules and I wanted to kill myself. Anyways... I called a person a "fag" yeah! I know. How could I do such a thing? I must've made him want to kill himself, poor guy.
After calling him a fag (Once) QP decided to step in and instantly muted and jailed me.

So apparently either in an insulting way or a non-insulting way, it doesn't matter because it's still against the rules to say "fag" legit specifically "fag". Being the immature 12 Year Old I am, I didn't give 2 fucks. The person I called a "fag" obviously has something against me, another one of my subscribers probably. I just hit 3 subscribers including my mother. Yeah.. I know, I'm very popular around here. So, me not giving a fuck lead to be saying it a second time (this time not even in global chat) and according to QP, I'm only not allowed to do it in global chat. Strike that warning off the list. The very next time I called him a fag was when I was jokingly asking him to whitelist me so I'm able to enter his beautiful lolicon theater. And yes, I'm being honest, this time it was in Global Chat. So this person who has this obvious "Grudge" against me decided to get a buddy involved to say It's offending him or just that I'm harassing him and he doesn't like it (Bullshit Alert) Somebody just wants me to get a ban because they're a little salty, well Congratulations! You've won a brand new iPhone 7S! Please leave your credit card information below. So yeah, this time QP kicked me. I joined and I argued because I thought this was still a load of bullshit (still do) and I was over it, due to this guy ganging up on me and getting me warned a third time. I absolutely was over it, I was fed up with YukiTheater.

After this, I didn't care. I never did. I'm a troll okay? this person that I was "Harassing" disconnected from the server. I waited for him to join back and guess what I said? "FAG". Salty Bird was present
and he banned me from YukiTheater for one week. I have appealed two times now, both were just jokes. One of them being taken down for "incorrect format" the second being "denied." Why can't the Moderators just chill? they're always onto somebody for some 'Retarded' reason being. If I didn't know any better, I'd say that they're just looking for that promotion, they don't even play the cinema they just afk 90% of the time and patrol, that's fine. You're doing your job correctly, just chill okay? Atleast WinterPhoenix actually comes on to have fun, he does all this cool shit and actually watches shit in the theaters. Also some other people, for example "dan" dan is chill asf. And always has fun with the community. I can't continue without mentioning "Pants" Pants is probably the best Moderator of them all! Pants throws these cool parties in the log hell, everybody has fun. Radio's on and lights everywhere. Jailing, Slapping, Ragdolling. It's a good time. But all of the Moderators don't seem to be having fun, they're just taking everything so fucking seriously so they can get promoted. Well that's what I'm guessing.

Chill the fuck out, I'll take my 1 week ban. You wanted me to actually put some effort into an appeal? Here you go. Have you ever heard of a mute? Instead of banning somebody for a week for harassing another player in key word 'voice chat' Mute them so they can't type lmao, gag their ass. Shove something big and black down their throat to shut them up.

Salty Birds Comment on my last Appeal:

"Hi, I was the mod who banned you. Over the past week or so you have been warned about using discriminatory words on multiple occasions, you have also harassed other players with the same type of discrimination. You also have been warned for watching thisdisturbing video, which is not allowed on our server. Even though you had received your final warning not even minutes before I got on, you still continued with the same behavior which wound up being your 4th warning which equaled a ban.

So you came here to make an "appeal" which targets me for whatever reason while also not being the proper format. After deleting that mock appeal, you made this appeal which once again targets me. If you had taken the time, and been more serious, I might have been willing to reduce your 1 week ban to 3 days, however due to your continuing behavior here I must decline this ban appeal."

"See you on 1/31/17"


"Harrassed other players"
Harrased a Player. "been warned for using discriminatory words" No, I've been warned for using 'A' discriminatory word. "multiple occasions" No multiple occasions, I suggest reading a dictionary. "Targets You" Salty, come on bro.. you're asking for me to roast you. "Mock Appeal" they're nothing simular and you also said "once again targeting me" On the first appeal I didn't even know who banned me and all I said was "Please unban me, I put 9 hours into this appeal."

Salty, now that I'm reading over this. I've realised how full of shit you are, what's your excuse for denying this one? "Duplicate" "Once again targetting me"??

This whole thing is bullshit in my opinion, I want a higher up to read this appeal very carefully and understand why. Thanks for reading ;)
After reading this, your ban still stands at 1 week. I will be presenting this to the staff chat to see if further action needs to be taken.
Also, here is your warning log.
Name: Jakeyyyy
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:87019304
Alt Steam IDs:
No. of Warnings and Kicks: 4 Warnings, 1 Kick
Past offenses:
1/17/17 07:45 AM QP: Disturbing, Log ID: 1779528
1/22/17 06:00 AM QP: Discrimination (said "everyone's a fucking niggerrrrr" over mic)
1/23/17 09:40 AM QP: Discrimination (calling someone a "fat faggot" in global chat)
1/24/17 05:02 AM QP: Harassment (still insists on calling someone a fag in global resulting in complaints)
1/24/17 05:12AM salty bird: Discrimination, Harassment (still calling another player fag after being told to stop)
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