Intel versus AMD

Intel, AMD or Blast processing

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Hey solstice,

I wanted to know your intake of which CPU makers you find better.
please keep in mind the following: cost per performance, innovation, design and support

Please let me know why you picked your choice and what would convince you to cross over to the dark side.

I am an Intel fan boy, but would love to hear why others may use AMD over Intel.
It would take AMD to make actual reliable processors (calling out fail dozer) for a bargain price.

Depends on the type of load you're throwing at the CPU and whether or not multi-threading is important to that workload.
Intel i5 isnt too bad. for budget atleast

I use an AMD quad core ( been using for 4 years now no probs with it and it gets the job done for how old it is.) Its durable atleast LOLOL
I know you do some model and render work, do they make a huge difference for you ?

I don't do anything heavy that requires a high-powered CPU or GPU, so there really is no noticeable difference.