Hey y'all!

salty bird

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Just wanted to formally introduce myself. Name is salty bird but will answer to salty, salt, bird/birb, or any form of salt or avian word.

If I'm not in VIP or public theaters, you can find me in PT1 or 2 watching whatever I fancy at the moment. Just yesterday it was an unhealthy amount of cringe/fail videos followed by cute kittens.

Love to dance to good music so don't be alarmed if you see me spazzing out in your theaters.
salt intensifies
I'm sitting in my office on hour 11 of a 12 hour day. I wish I was in that event horizon, SG-1 rescue me please :(
Do you always type with green text Retro?

Yeah, I used this on the last forum I think and the site I use to admin for as well.
It's just something to stand out a bit more and make it more me if that makes any sense.
It was this color green, blue, or purple.