Hey, I'm Noah.


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My name is Noah but on most communities I go by snivell. (it means nothing) I joined Yuki Theater only 2 days ago and have been playing a good bit ever since. I love the atmosphere, everyone's very friendly and welcoming. I also like how well put together the server itself it. This is why I donated, I like to see innovative servers that bring new ideas to the table with staff that actually care about quality over money. By the looks of it that's how it is here.

A little about myself: I'm 16 and currently reside in a small hick town in North Carolina nobody from even the next town over has heard. I got into PC gaming whilst in the 5th grade (mostly due to Minecraft, which I still play to this day) and ever since then most of my freetime is spent on the internet. My, to put it frankly, obsession with the internet has led me to finding many of my hobbies. One of them being a massive anime fan, the reason why I'm here in the first place. There's a lot to say about me but I won't go on any longer.

Hope to see you all around.. peace.

p.s. nico is mine