Hey Does Anyone Have Squad?


I just got it the other day and i dont feel like playing it by myself cause im not good at games like that when playing by myself so if anyone owns it and wants to play sometime feel free to add me
It's a hard play, in my opinion - Don't expect the same game experience as Battlefield, although ArmA is more similar to it (1 shot deaths etc. with little/no knowledge of gunfire point of origin).
At the moment, it needs refinement in terms of the guns (hit reg and ranging long distance shots is a bit weird: could be server related), and also general game performance while online, in terms of your own FPS count while on server - you won't get a lot of that during Alpha stage development (key optimizations are supposed to be made during Beta).

I've not had a lot of joy with the game, so I actually feel I've wasted money on it. Buying it at the price it's currently at might only be for those who enjoy the potential gameplay and communication experience (an essential part of Squad victory), of playing with a Squad of friends, whilst having the ArmA mid/long distance engagement type of combat.

Squad essentially comes down to being a realism/sim based large environment 'maneuver warfare' experience, where going solo means dying relatively fast, when taking fire from opposing Squad members - not to mention that you're potentially disadvantaging your own Squad. Friendly fire and ID'ing is also a potential problem in the game, unless you rigorously verify friendlies using your map.

As with any game, I recommend watching Youtube for gameplay clips.
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