Lumina Starlight

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;p Nice to meet ya! You can call me Lumi. Before you ask, yes, I do like anime. I have gotten just a little picky about it as of late, but I am a fan. I'm also a fan of Friendship is Magic, Welcome to Nightvale, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Fuller House, dramas, Homestuck (although I don't like the gigantic walls of text), Steven Universe, Gravity Falls... I'm a fan of a lot of things.
When presented with the freedom to, I like customizing. I like designing textures for custom models, though I have to have a uv guide that shows me the borders. I like string theory. I like the idea of multiple universes across endless possibilities.

I like gaming. I'm a horror game fan, but it has to be scary and not Amnesia. The main character in that drives me crazy.
Hello Lumina, and welcome to the forums.
Please enjoy yourself and participate on the many threads we have here!
Have a free like from me~
Welcome! Just finished Gravity Falls myself, loved it! Also a sucker for Steven Universe!
I am enjoying it so far. :D Thanks for the welcomes! Gravity Falls was phenomenal. I'm also a RWBY fan. Nora or Penny would probably be my favorites so far, although some of the season 3 characters introduced have been awesome!