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You may have seen me wandering around yuki if you've been on for the past 6 months or so. College has kept me quite busy and I'll be going back into the storm next semester with my Senior project class coming up.

I'm currently working on a major in Media Arts And Science with a focus on 3D Production and I what I wish to do with that is help create theatrical video games later down the road of life such as how the game "The Last of Us" or "The Evil Within" portrays its story or simply create 3D character designs from scratch and build it through the entire pipeline.

As for the kind of style I'm going for in character design, I prefer semi-realism to hyperrealism. Though the more realistic a model is, the more time is required to sculpt it and so I usually go for semi-realism. As for the quality of my work some may say "it looks great" but I say I will be growing better and better with practice and time.

I have yet to mess around with importing any characters into gmod, but I have brought characters from ZBrush to maya and animated them from there. I've also touched base with some basics of Unity and some advanced stuff with Unreal Engine 4.
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