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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Brents, Jun 24, 2018.

  1. Brents

    Brents New Member Donator

    Jun 24, 2018
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    About me:
    My name is Brenton, Vast amount of people call me Brents.
    I'm a nice and friendly lad, but can be a bit of a prick on a bad day, that sums that up.
    I enjoy being part of the community and helping it grow, sharing my own ideas or giving my views on yours. Forums has always engaged me due to the fact it can give such a great understanding of the servers and owners. as this shows you will frequently see me around the forums and discord, I don't have my time to get on my PC to play on the server, but i make that up by keeping up with updates and listening to suggestions.

    Why am i here?:
    I'm not much of a fan of anime, hence why i didn't enjoy your yukitheater server, but i did hear of it in the past and was impressed by the development. GMCL is the gamemode i have been waiting such long time for caught a video about it in mid 2017 and followed the development since. Reminded me of the gamemode gmod tower, but with a more home and friendly vibe which is very unique and rewarding.

    Looking forward to meeting some of you in-game or interacting with you on the forums/discord.

    Have a great day :)
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