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Accepted Hazzy's application yo

Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by Hazzy, Aug 19, 2019.

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  1. Hazzy

    Hazzy New Member

    Feb 25, 2016
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    Steam Username

    Current Age

    Timezone (Use this website if you don't know)

    Time Ranges typically on our Servers in a Day (Eastern Time)
    Midnight till whenever and most of the time before.

    Position Applying For (Moderator, Programmer, Modeler, Mapper, Graphics Artist, or Video Editor/Marketeer)


    Understand and Agree to Maintain Activity Quota? (Moderators only)
    Yeah boi

    Past Experience/Creations Applicable to Position
    1500+ hours as staff previously on Yuki with both moderator and Super Admin, Large streamer chat moderator and Global site moderator.

    Community Join Date and Total Playtime on our Servers (you can give a rough estimate if you don't know)

    Sometime in 2012/2013,
    Playtime (HH:MM:SS): 2162:35:46

    How You Would Improve the Studio or Community
    Offer professional and fair moderation within the community, I make very unbiased decisions and resolve issues swiftly.

    Extra Information or Comments

    Regardless of the outcome of this application I look forward to returning to Yuki and getting to know the newer members of the community.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.