GModCEFCodecFix | Update Released to Fix GMod asset:// Security Vulnerability on x86-64


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Hi everyone! Recently there was a vulnerability discovered in Awesomium/CEF that allows GMod to read any file on your computer, even those outside of GMod. This could be used to do things like steal login details for any website you're logged into, among other things.

Facepunch released a fix for GMod's main branch 2 days ago, which resolves the issue for players that use that branch. However, the x86-64 branch has not been updated, as it seems Facepunch broke their own ability to build/update GMod for that branch, and that's been the case for several months now.

Today, we're releasing an update for GModCEFCodecFix that fixes the vulnerability for x86-64 branch users.

⚠️ To be clear, if you're on GMod's x86-64 branch, you MUST run GModCEFCodecFix ASAP so you're protected, even if you've run the tool before!

You can get the latest version here, if you don't have it already:

If you have any questions, please ask them in our Discord's #cefcodecfix channel!

Thanks for reading! Good luck on Finals! ❤️