GModCEFCodecFix | CEF 124 + May 2nd, 2024 Update Released!


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Henlo! We've just updated GModCEFCodecFix with a couple things that might interest you~

CEF is now on the latest stable version, CEF 124
We're fully up to date again! Enjoy the bleeding edge of web technology.

New Install Guide
Replacing the old forum threads, we've made a more user-friendly attempt at the guide:

Flatpak/Snap/AppImage support on Linux
We've (hopefully) fixed a long-standing issue where if you installed Steam/Garry's Mod using one of these things, CEF couldn't launch due to missing sandbox permissions.

We fixed it by...disabling the CEF sandbox if these configurations are detected. BUT they provide their own sandboxes, so it's probably fine.

GMod's `-multirun` launch option works again
You're probably a dev if you care about it, but this one's for you!

You can grab the update here:

As always, feel free to give us feedback in our Discord's #cefcodecfix channel or in the Project Issues!

Enjoy! Love you! ❤️