GModCEFCodecFix | CEF 120 Update Released!


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How do you do fellow gamers?? šŸ˜Ž We just updated GModCEFCodecFix to CEF 120, which is the latest LTS version. It fixes text input being invisible, among the usual CEF/Chromium updates, and...

If you're on Linux:
We're now recommending you use the Steam Linux Runtime for best compatibility. If you're currently using Proton because it wouldn't work Natively, give Runtime a shot!

Linux - You can turn on Steam Linux Runtime by visiting:
Steam > Garry's Mod > Compatibility > Force the use of a specific Steam Play compatibility tool > Steam Linux Runtime 1.0 (scout)

If you're on macOS:
Give the tool another shot and let us know how it works out for you! We may have not been generating some diff files correctly on macOS since CEF 116. We also have a DMG version of the tool now that's simpler to install/use.

Developers - We've added a Lua detection example:
Want to integrate CEFCodecFix into your gamemode/addon? Check out our example code for detecting it here:

As always, get the latest version of the tool here:

Got questions or wanna discuss the update? Chat in the #cefcodecfix channel on our Discord !

Love You All! ā¤ļø