GModCEFCodecFix | CEF 118 Update Released!


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Founder/Lead Developer
Hiya ghastly ghouls! We've just updated GModCEFCodecFix to CEF 118, which is the current Chromium Stable release (so we're 100% up-to-date atm!).

This may help compatibility with macOS 14 Sonoma, but macOS support is shaky at best and seems to be getting less and less reliable as time goes on.

If you're on macOS and having issues, and better yet if you have some technical expertise to help us solve it, stop by the Discord's #cefcodecfix channel and/or the GitHub issue we have for it now:

You can get the latest version of the tool here:

Questions? Issues with the update? Wanting to proclaim your undying love for us? Discuss in the Discord's #cefcodecfix channel!

Love you all! ❤️