Accepted fluffybutts ban appeal

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Steam Username: fluffybutt

Length of Ban: 2 Weeks

Staff Member that Banned You: Pandasage

Ban Reason: Discrimination and Tease

Why You Should Be Unbanned

Now up above are the videos I was banned for.
Discrimination I don't understand in most of these videos he says nigger and faggot but not in a discriminatory just for purely comedy purposes just because he uses those words is not discrimination. Just using the words in the videos is not discrimination.
For the tease part of getting ban is something I don't really understand on why I was banned as far as i'm aware that sex toys are sexually suggestive and are considered tease just by being on the video which he had there as a prop and wasn't using it in a suggestive way so I think this part of the ban is bullshit.
I want to be unbanned because it feels shitty to be banned for these reasons when these videos are not being discriminating or are considered tease.
sorry for my bad writing and thanks for reading I hope you consider removing this ban.
Hey Fluffy. So it's against the rules to use that word, niggerfaggot. We do allow some words to be used under certain circumstances, like nigga (u my number 1 nigga), or fag (I'm such a fag for you), but Niggerfaggot is just not allowed. I know a youtuber has popularized the word, but it is a racist and discriminatory word for those who are gay, black, or gay and black. The tease video I banned you for depicted a dildo. Playing videos that contain sex toys is currently not allowed. The problem is you were warned multiple times and cotinued to queue videos that break our rules. However, since some of these videos are on the lower end of the spectrum for videos not allowed, I will reduce it by 4 days. I know sometimes people will disagree with what's allowed and not allowed, and may try to push the boundaries of those rules. Unfortunately, you can end up with a ban for doing so. Please, if you think a rule is stupid or needs changing, don't just break it. Bring it up with mods or post on the forums about it! So your current ban will end on 02/22/16 at 3:20 pm.
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Hi there Fluffy.
Higher staff talked about your ban. We agreed that the ban and the circumstances around it weren't handled properly.
You didn't receive a proper amount of warnings prior to your ban and the videos you were kicked for weren't as bad.
Though they did contain some distasteful words, the intent of the videos were not exactly discriminatory.
These two specifically:
Though the content of the videos you queued can still be considered sexually suggestive.
I'd just like to clear up that we do not allow videos that feature sex toys. Please do not queue anything of the like again.
You will be unbanned but if you are to break any other rules you will be banned again.

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