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This list contains changes made to YukiTheater since Jan 6, 2024.

  • Apartments: Added Save Slots System
    • You can now save/load different "saves" for your Apartment, allowing you to try something new without destroying your existing work!
    • This is especially useful for Apartment Contests, which we're going to start holding soon!
    • Guests have 2 slots, but you can get more by Donating / Becoming a Supporter!
  • Items: All Building Props are now Paintable
  • Items: Updated/Fixed Sticker Paintable
  • Items: Added Image Unlit setting to all Paintable items
  • Map: Added new Apartments Lobby ambience
  • Apartments: Players are now checked out after being AFK for 10 minutes instead of 20
  • Apartments: Fixed trying to eject invalid players (breaking checkout in some scenarios)
  • Apartments: Players are now warned if they place down more than 64 dynamic lights (the source engine limit)
  • Apartments: Fixed checking in not showing the custom name in the NPC Dialog box
  • Apartments: Fixed being able to check in/check out at the same time
  • Apartments: Fixed being able to reset at the same time as checking in
  • Achievements: Fixed "Close-Knit Group" (join the Discord)
  • Items: The Glowstick now has all of the hold types again
  • Achievements: "Supporter" -> "Calling In Support"
  • Cold Breath Effect: Now checks if the model is valid before trying to use it
  • Cold Breath Effect: Added a hacky fix for the Zombie playermodel, since it doesn't technically have a head
  • Slot Machine: Fixed reels not flashing when they should be
  • Experiments: Added WIP Apartment Balcony Projection

  • Paintables: Drastically improved the reliability/quality of downloaded images by using the new VTF API
  • Paintables: Right clicking on a Paintable while holding Q now lets you copy that Paintable's Image Link(s) to your Clipboard
  • QInvMenu: Added "Edit Mode" toggling, which prevents doing things with spawnable items while disabled
  • QInvMenu: Hovering over any item now shows information about it, including who owns it
  • Paintables: Stickers no longer cast shadows
  • Paintables: Reduced think delay (quicker texture updates)
  • Paintables: Fixed handling paintable entities that go invalid while they're being processed in the queue, breaking the queue
  • HUD: Added "Paintables Remaining" notice from GMCL
  • QInvMenu: Only the number of rows we need for Weapon Slots are now shown
  • QLocOwnerMenu: Fixed missing Add Rent button in Private Theaters
  • QLocOwnerMenu: Made it so specifying nothing for a Location Name resets it
  • Media: Fixed the pause state persisting if media is skipped while paused
  • Media: Fixed not properly applying the current pause state when initializing on the client
  • Media: Fixed the login modal on TikTok not closing automatically
  • Media: Fixed the "mature content" button on Twitch not getting dismissed automatically
  • Media: Fixed YouTube embeds initially being max volume
  • Media: Fixed split-second volume jump unmuting with Twitch
  • Media: Fixed going into Fullscreen in an Apartment without turning on any of the screens not working and causing errors
  • Media: Updated GoGoAnime URL (it's anitaku.to now, despite having the same logo and called the same and everything)
  • Media: Direct Video now supports videos that are attachments (the web server is trying to tell us to download it)
  • Media: Improve reliability of the initial requests for Direct Video/Audio
  • Media: Fixed the hostname being updated with placeholder media titles
  • Light Item: Hopefully solved flickering
  • Paintables: Fixed unsetting image URLs with Image Animated enabled not destroying the animated panel (and it reapplying itself)
  • Paintables: Fixed generated materials not having a default texture (which threw errors)
  • Paintables: The default paintable surface texture is now shown if downloading an image fails
  • Paintables: Fixed animated panels not being removed cleanly (and appearing on screen for a frame)
  • Media: Downloading thumbnails now uses the VTF API
  • Media: Fixed screens being translucent, causing display issues
  • Media: Added my.mail.ru, bunnycdn.se, and embtaku.pro sub-services
  • Media: Updated MEGA sub-service
  • Media: Fixed Zoro URL matching and not being able to get sub-services
  • Media: Direct Video/Audio now report if their attempts to use a provided link were blocked by Cloudflare Mitigation (instead of just erroring with a generic 403)
  • QInvMenu: Right clicking on any item now opens its menu, even if you don't own it
  • QInvMenu: Fixed dragging already existing items around not always copying the entity's appearance
  • Donate Panel: Added Supporter and Power Supporter tier information; rotating between the 3 tiers
  • QLocOwnerMenu: Added "Loaded Save Slot" label for Apartments
  • Eight Ball: Improved handling for when the Rack or Cue models fail to initialize (probably missing content)
  • QInvMenu: Improved handling for when the spawn preview model fails to initialize (probably missing content)
  • ShopGUI: Fixed trying to warn about model path mismatches when the preview model failed to even initialize
  • Vomit Effect: Now checks if the model is valid before trying to use it

  • Extensions: Added VTF API
    • Drastically improves the reliability/quality/performance of images downloaded from the internet for use as in-game textures!
    • They're also cached so you don't have to redownload them every time, and Paintables will load instantly if cached!
    • You can set the maximum amount of storage they'll use by adjusting the Downloaded Texture Storage Limit setting in the Scoreboard (default is 2GB)
    • Please note that the Downloaded Texture Storage Limit setting discards textures that are oldest first, and only does so upon disconnecting. This means if you set the limit to 0MB, your texture cache will be cleared on exit, but we'll still download and mount textures if needed to correctly display whatever's on screen
  • Extensions: Added EntityNW
    • Drastically improves the reliability of networking for entities!
    • Fixes NEARLY ALL networking bugs we've been dealing with since the launch of the Apartments feature
  • Extensions: Added ChunkedData, which allows us to network >64KB as a single set with the net message system (mostly useful for ban networking and EntityNW)
  • Scoreboard: Moved Media settings into their own section
  • Scoreboard: Improved setting tooltips
  • Locations: Improved location impersonation detection for custom names
  • Locations: Fixed location owner names not updating if they changed it
  • Extensions: Added canary texture for detecting textures being reloaded for whatever reason (and handling it)
  • Chat: PMs and Admin messages now make the message text white like regular chat messages
  • Chat: Updated SGS website links to the new ones
  • Chat: /relinkdiscord now tells players to run it in the Discord itself
  • Inventory: Improved handling for when player equipment models fail to initialize (probably missing content)
  • Inventory: Merge pending network inventory if somehow we get inventory networked while the player is valid, but OnEntityCreated hasn't run yet
  • Global: Fixed not giving players the right disconnect message when the server is full (but not all admin slots are filled)
  • Inventory: Fixed (Power) Supporter Base Income Multiplier not applying for Mods and up
  • Admin: Fixed player names not getting updated on the client if it's changed mid-game
  • Locations: Specifying nothing for a custom location name now resets it to the default
  • Inventory: Fixed trying to do stuff with currency effect models if we couldn't even create them

Yuki Website
  • VTF API: Added API for downloading images from the internet and converting them into VTF textures for clients to download (uses mipmaps too!)
  • Status: Player names in the online players list are now sorted alphabetically
  • Profile: Added/Updated Item Icons for Items added in Jan 6, 2024 server update
  • Profile: Apartment-only items in Inventory are now handled correctly, and "None" items are no longer visible
  • Status: Made location name sorting in Now Playing case-insensitive
  • Loading: Fixed failing to load current playermodel for Net Worth calculation
  • Loading: Fixed trying to calculate Net Worth when Items Info is unavailable (server probably just restarted)
  • Media JS/Media Logs: Update Reverse URLs for Direct Audio/Video, GoGoAnime, and Zoro
  • Status: Fixed ownership info not appearing if a player disconnects but still owns a location
  • Player Search API: Increased maximum returned results to 25
  • Global: Updated SGS website links
  • Awesomium: The fallback CSS now uses the new cover image, not the old one
  • Status: Fixed handling when there's no players online
  • Global JS: Disabled SGS ASCII for GMod web clients
  • Vendor: Updated Bootstrap to v5.3.3
  • Profile: Fixed item count background
  • Global: Updated copyright year

SGS Website
  • Discord Link: Added support for /relinkdiscord as a chat command in our Discord server; a much more robust approach to syncing player accounts with Steam IDs and Discord IDs
  • Donate: Removed the old Discord ID dropdown menu before checkout in favor of players using /relinkdiscord
  • Donate: Added Yuki Apartment Save Slots as a tiered feature
  • About: Added "want to join" section and Added Momo and Weiss to the higher staff list
  • Home: Tweaked appearance some and Updated the Yuki background image to Map v3
  • Home: Replaced GMCL with GModCEFCodecFix on the project carousel, since GMCL is no longer supported
  • Global: Renamed all "Chat" buttons, etc to "Discord". Everybody knows what it is now
  • Forums: Updated navbar to match the rest of the site
  • Images: Fixed a bunch of legacy image paths being used externally returning 404 (we redirect them to the new paths now)
  • Home: Adjusted SGS featured announcement image position
  • Donate: Tweaked the text for several things
  • Donate: Fixed several issues with Stripe subscription management and Transaction ID storage

Making progress! Things are much more stable and more functional than they were at the beginning on January, and things are looking up!

We hope you enjoy all the new changes. Love You All! <3
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