Feb 18, 2017


Staff member
Founder/Lead Developer
  • Added Melon Dispensers: pay 25 Credits to spawn a melon (Dan)
  • Players no longer render while in fullscreen (performance boost)
  • The Karaoke Mic is now interactable and can bring up Lyrics (Dan)
  • The Manga Shop shelves are now interactable and can bring up Manga (Dan)
  • Looking at an Anime Poster will now show its name on the HUD (Dan)
  • Added a toggle for showing AFK Chat Messages (Dan)
  • Added a toggle for showing Chat/Announcements while using the Camera (Dan)
  • Fixed MoeTube and 9Anime two or three times
  • Removed KissAnime/KissCartoon/KissAsian support (check out our alternatives!)
  • Added clientside Chat Censoring System (Dan)
  • Fixed Player Stats not spitting out the correct Last 28 Days playtime
  • Changed Video Blacklist exception to Devs+ only
  • Fixed /rave (Dan)
  • Adjusted AFK Autokick to start when we're 5 players below the max
  • Fixed console 'say' command error
  • Fixed invalid video request error due to empty string
  • Fixed finding theater within location returning invalid result
  • Removed old pixelTail developer elevated permissions
  • Disabled Christmas/Anniversary/New Years code (except Snowball Fights)