Feb 17, 2018


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This list contains changes made to YukiTheater since Dec 24, 2017.

  • Updated Map: "Null"
    • The Mysterious Snowman is no longer making an appearance, but something still doesn't seem right...
    • There's a new secret area to discover, but it's only visible through a tear that seems to show a possible future...
  • GoGoAnime and Anime Season are now supported video services (the code that supports this can be used with other websites! If you have any suggestions, let us know!)
  • 9Anime is properly actually fixed now and shouldn't break again anytime soon
  • Re-enabled Outside Attraction code
  • Disabled Holiday Themeing
  • Disabled MoeTube (the website is dead)
  • Fixed Theater Thumbnails crashing Awesomium (and then GMod) in certain scenarios
  • Fixed the Video Landing Page no longer loading over HTTPS with Awesomium (GitHub dropped support for TLS 1.0)
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