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Feb 11, 2020

Discussion in 'Changelog' started by WinterPhoenix, Feb 11, 2020.

  1. WinterPhoenix

    WinterPhoenix Founder/Lead Developer Staff Member Founder/Lead Developer

    Dec 28, 2015
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    This list contains changes made to YukiTheater since Jan 20, 2019.

    It's gonna be a massive list but let's go!
    • Updated to the Brand New v2 Map
      • A Brand New Map made from the ground up by our resident map developer, MrMuffinz!
      • The Snowmen have brought us further from our origins, this time to an entirely new location!
      • Mysteriously, the Manga Shop is here. Could this be where it went?
      • A River and a Hill we've named Mount Yuki seem to be here too, but why is there a Bunker? And a Tunnel hidden behind a gate?
      • And why do I sometimes hear "weeew wew wew weeeeeew" quietly in the background?
      • Discover and explore more on the new map!
      • We aren't exaggerating when we say Brand New! There's a new Lobby, new Theaters, a new Karaoke area, a new Casino, a new Outside, and more!
      • There's currently 2 Secrets for you to unlock achievements for, with more in the works!
      • We're planning on adding progressively more difficult secrets over time, with the goal of eventually creating ones that take multiple hours to solve
      • There aren't any Secret Theaters yet, but there probably will be in the future
      • Let us know any feedback you have!
    • Added 4 New Video Services
      • Netflix
      • Hulu
      • AnimeKisa
      • DreamAnime
    • Added 10 New Achievements (6 still achievable)
      • Force From Beyond (1,000 Credits): Attempt to open a Mysterious Hatch
      • He be vibin' doe (500 Credits): weeew wew wew weeeeeew
      • 7 Foot Tall (75 Credits): Watch "fish hunt" by Value Select
      • Carefree STYLE (150 Credits): Watch "Whatever whatever whatever" by Neru OFFICIAL
      • Chair (25 Credits): Watch "chair" by kmlkmljkl
      • Turnip Up (50 Credits): Watch "turnip turns up" by zamsire
      • The 2019 Holiday Achievements: No longer achievable
    • Added 8 New Playermodels
      • Blanc: 3,000 Credits
      • Chiaki Nanami: 3,000 Credits
      • Junko Enoshima: 3,000 Credits
      • Neptune: 5,000 Credits
      • Old Dragonslayer: 3,000 Credits
      • Raphtalia: 3,000 Credits
      • Sanae Kochiya: 3,000 Credits
      • Tekken Panda Costume: 5,000 Credits
    • Reduced the Price of 14 Playermodels
      • D.Va: 5,000 > 1,500 Credits
      • Gundam RX-78-2: 5,000 > 3,000 Credits
      • Inkling Boy: 3,000 > 1,500 Credits
      • Izuku Midoriya: 3,000 > 1,500 Credits
      • Kagamine Len: 5,000 > 1,500 Credits
      • Kizuna AI: 7,500 > 5,000 Credits
      • Korra: 5,000 > 3,000 Credits
      • Megurine Luka: 5,000 > 1,500 Credits
      • Mercy: 5,000 > 1,500 Credits
      • Ochaco Uraraka: 3,000 > 1,500 Credits
      • Pohwaran: 3,000 > 1,500 Credits
      • Ruby Rose (Timeskip): 5,000 > 1,500 Credits
      • Ruukoto: 5,000 > 1,500 Credits
      • Weiss Schnee: 5,000 > 3,000 Credits
    • Migrated all Workshop Content to ISteamUGC
      • YukiTheater now has just 5 packs instead of the previous 15, including SGS cross-server content
      • ISteamUGC should make Workshop more reliable in general
      • Updates to the packs are now delta-based, which means only what changed is downloaded. No more re-downloading entire packs during updates!
      • SGS cross-server content now have their own packs so we don't duplicate content across Yuki and GMCL
    • Replaced /chromium with /fixvideos and GModCEFCodecFix support
      • GModCEFCodecFix fixes several things, including:
        • YouTube missing High Quality versions of videos or not working
        • YouTube Live not working
        • Twitch not working
        • Anime Services seeking not working or not working entirely
        • YukiRTMP (Movie Nights) not playing in High Quality or not working
      • It also allows us to support services like Netflix and Hulu, in Garry's Mod!
      • Want to give it a try? Check out the Tutorial!
    • Improved Multicore Rendering support
    • VIP+ are now given the Yellow Glowstick on Loadout
    • Fixed(?) ULX PM-ing being disabled if the player has muted the sender
    • Fixed /me commands appearing from players that have been muted by others
    • Added Shonen Jump to list of Manga Services in Manga Shop
    • Added "Read Manga" Interact handling
    • Death Notices are now drawn while outside
    • HUD HP Bar now appears automatically when the local player ShouldTakeDamage
    • PlayerShouldTakeDamage has been updated to allow for damage in all outside locations during a Snowball Fight
    • Walking into an Outside Location now automatically switches to the Snowball Thrower during a Snowball Fight
    • Reduced volume and where you can hear Vehicle Impact sounds (snowballs hitting cars mainly)
    • Muted Physics sounds while in Theaters (ex. melon splatting)
    • Improved Thirdperson bounds and handling
    • Changelog Panel is now interactable
    • Improved Hostname changes based on Playing Videos
    • Added "Video Name" override for the Hostname, so we can say when there's a Movie Night going on or whatever
    • Added a couple new usable links for the "What are we gonna do on the bed?" achievement
    • Achievement notifications now use commas with the number of Credits
    • Fixed Join Discord achievement and Discord account linking a few times
    • Renamed "Legacy Map" references in achievement descriptions as "v0 Map"
    • Disabled all v1 Map Achievements and marked them as No Longer Achievable
    • Locations no longer update while the player is dead, preventing some exploits
    • Added cooldown for Credits Transfer and Item Use
    • Increased video request cooldown
    • Improved Holiday Theme Colors
    • Changed the Video Ended message from "Awarded X Credits" to "You've earned X Credits!"
    • Video Ended notifications now use commas with the number of Credits
    • Theater Thumbnails now use object-fit: cover; so we don't have massively squashed posters
    • Fixed Video Previews in Request Menu Web Browser by just making it open links in the web browser
    • Fixed only-spaces chat messages causing the Source Chatbox to glitch out
    • Updated TheaterHTML and TheaterHTMLControls to better handle URL changes
    • Fixed Fracture AMV Low Gravity prediction errors
    • Fixed Lightly Fractured unlocking even if the video didn't play through entirely
    • Gravity is now reset regardless of if the Fracture AMV is playing, when players exit a theater
    • Moved everything that could be from HTTP to HTTPS
    • Moved winterphoenix96.github.io stuff to solsticegamestudios.github.io
    • Renamed "yuki status" YukiBot query to "server status"
    • Fixed "server status" YukiBot query
    • Reinstated more IsFullyInit usage, since the Inventory code is so terrible players were losing account data without it
    • Auto-Restart now uses Crash Mode to reset both CurTime and RealTime
    • Fixed Transfer Ownership not checking if the target player already owns a Theater
    • Added Service Sign-In support (for paid services like Netflix)
    • Fixed/Adjusted AnimeTwist several times
    • Fixed/Adjusted GoGoAnime several times
    • Fixed Twitch a few times
    • Fixed YouTube API Quota Limit issues (for the most part)
    • Fixed YouTube trying to work with video URL data when there is none in the current URL
    • Fixed Video History updates overwriting valid non-embed video info with the placeholders (Loading, 24 minutes long)
    • Fixed non-embed services not correctly updating Title or Duration in Video History
    • Fixed Lua errors with non-embed services during OnFinishLoadingDocument
    • Fixed Video History never actually using the New Log Update properly
    • Fixed Staff being able to be Blacklisted from Private Theaters if the Owner uses the Filter console commands
    • Improved/Fixed several Playermodels
      • Replaced Marisa Kirisame with a better version
      • Fixed(?) Spiderman and Mega Man Zero teleporting players and not appearing properly in the Shop / Inventory
      • Daft Punk helmet lights should now(?) glow in the dark
      • Fixed Hands for Shadow Miku and Shadow Miku Competitive
      • Added missing Hands for Faith Connors
      • Renamed "Scarlet Remilia" to "Remilia Scarlet"
      • Renamed "IF" to "If"
      • Renamed "Faith" to "Faith Connors"
      • Optimized several playermodels' texture sizes, mostly as consequence of SGS cross-server content
      • Fixed (kinda) Small Playermodel Offsets prediction
    • Marisa Kirisame is no longer an NPC model, since the new one doesn't work as an NPC
    • Melon Dispensors now automatically just replace any Loli Pop Vending Machine on the map
    • Added 2-line support to MOTD Banner
    • Slight performance improvement to Poster Info HUD stuff
    • Slight performance improvement to Interact HUD
    • Added seat offsets for various seats ported from GMCL, and the new Yuki v2 Theater Seat
    • Added PLAYER.Set/GetPredictedGravity
    • Player Loadout will now switch to the Popcorn Bucket before attempting SwitchToDefaultWeapon, so players don't spawn with Snowball Throwers by default or something
    • Fixed font and clarified that "/fixvideos" is not "/flxvideos", I not L, in Missing Video Fixes HUD
    • Disabled Arcade Machines (not functional without Flash Player)
      • We'll have new ones in the future!
    • Disabled Private Theater / Exclusive Theater rules warning panels
    • Disabled VIP Shop, since we don't currently have any VIP Areas
    • Removed 3 Video Services
      • 9Anime (security changes make its sources impossible to use)
      • FMovies (security changes make its sources impossible to use)
      • MasterAnime (dead)
    • Removed Mangable from list of Manga Services in Manga Shop (dead)
    • Removed :theachievement: entirely
    • Removed old macOS Cinema Warning
    Hey everyone! We hope you're just as excited as we are for this massive update, and we hope you enjoy it! Thanks for all your support; without it none of what we do would be possible!

    Love You All! <3
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2020
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  2. Sophie-bear

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    Dec 29, 2015
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    That's a beeg change log.
  3. Krystal

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    Mar 29, 2017
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    Too beeg