Feb 1, 2014


Staff member
Founder/Lead Developer
  • Added 15 New Playermodels
  • Added Checkers and Chess Tables to the Lobby and VIP Lounge
  • Created a New Schedule for the Anime Room for February
  • Added "Miku Miku Fever" Achievement
  • Created Map Content and Content Pack 2 for Steam Workshop
  • The IsFullyInit system now automatically makes a Player reconnect after 6 Failures
  • Created /forums and /togglecontrols Chat Command
  • Updated the Help/Commands Webpage
  • Removed Holiday Content from the Lobby
  • Videos are now prevented from being queued in any Auditorium if it has been played within the last 5 Minutes
  • Using the Chill Area Radio now Refreshes it
  • Fixed Chill Area Radio Stream URL (The Radio is fixed)
  • Added a system to check if a player has multiple entries in the Player Achievements Table and will fix it if they do
  • Achievements Comparison now sends Achievements Tables On-Request
  • Made some basic progress with Hat Entities (Hat Shop possibly next update)
  • Thirdperson now calculates based on the Playermodel's Scale
  • Community Stats Board now fetches every Hour instead of 10 Minutes and displays when it was last updated
  • Fixed up some of the New Year's Code and tied it to a Console Command that Superadmins+ can use
  • Merged some Cinema Commits as of the 23rd
  • Players now receive a message upon getting the Donator Achievement