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Ah hi everyone i"m from Australia. i have been playing on yuki theater for a around half a year now and have popped in every now and then i have just joined the discord group as well. i like playing video games watching anime and i also have started an interest in graphic design. i have really enjoyed my time on yuki theater so far and i love how friendly this community is and was hopping to meet some of you and maybe make some friends as well though I'm sorry i might not talk much.

other info: i am a super admin of an Australian cinema server and a mod on a zombie survival server and i love to spend my time on yuki theater relaxing not worrying about those servers.

also you are the friendly server i have been on ever since i joined the server for the first time i had people saying hi and i never felt that welcomed to a new community.

ah i don't really know what else to say i hope to see you on the server ^-^
Welcome, good to hear your positive feedback about the community. I couldn't agree more. I'm glad you're enjoying your time on YukiTheater.