Enable Steam Emoticons?

The Nickonator

New Member
I know on some servers they enable the use of emoticons in the chat (not those shitty default ones on cereal box, I mean steam emoticons), where your steam account connects to the server (if your profile isn't set to private) and lets you use the emoticons you own on steam in the chat. That would be cool and add variety. Dunno how it's done or how hard it is to code but it definitely is a positive perk to add to the server.
I believe it, at the very least, requires a custom chatbox, which YukiTheater doesn't have (yet?)

I'm not sure if Winter has plans to backport the one he's made for Inspiration or not but this would be a fun feature to see in the future.
Not possible without a custom chatbox. The custom chatbox we have in Inspiration will likely be ported back to YukiTheater at some point, but it does not currently support images either.

So basically...