Donations only give credits once?

KingTentacle [TLS]

New Member
I donated $15 a while back, and i donated another $5 just before, but while i got my bonus from the $15, i got nothing from the $5 i just put in.

Am i right in assuming that i only get credits for the first donation?

If so i'm ok with having donated, but i didn't see it anywhere on the donations page if this is the case.

I was pretty low and was hoping chucking a little more in might have helped.
You get achievements for donating $5 (Donator! Achievement) and $15 (Power Donator! Achievement) respectively, with donations stacking. This means if you donate $15 dollars, you get both achievements and that is where the credits come from. You cannot receive more credits for donating more.
Just a heads up. If, because of this misunderstanding, you would like to ask for a refund, be sure to talk to Winter about it instead of requesting a chargeback. Requesting a chargeback without prior discussion is grounds for a permanent ban.
Cheers for clearing that up, it's good to know.

Honestly its $5us im not too bothered by it.

I was not looking for a refund or anything.
I was more after finding out if its as it is, or if i was meant to get credits but something went wrong.
While i was dissapointed im not really all the bothered by it.

I like coming on, but i dont have a lot of time to spend in yuki so credits are hard to come by, i was hoping to get some for
donating so i could use the private theater more to watch rick and morty.