Accepted Detective Pikachu's Overdue as hell Ban Appeal

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Steam Username
[LP] Detective Pikachu

Length of Ban

Staff Member that Banned You
Can't remember sadly.

Ban Reason
Being a part of CBC, Spamming chat, advertising CBC, being a dick in general.

Why You Should Be Unbanned

I was banned a year ago during a CBC raid, I was the person who was spamming chat, I'm sorry for both the damage that I did and the entirety of CBC did during that raid. I also mainly called you weebshits who sit on a computer all day watching naruto, or something like that, but then I started to like anime thanks to a specific one (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure), and I wanted to see a server similar to CBC except with rules, and they accept anime. And then I discovered you guys and realized I was permabanned. I hope that there is still a chance that I can be unbanned, despite this ban appeal being due a long time ago.
Good Evening.
You were banned on January 10, 2015, by TheRedChameleon for the reason: Adverting other servers, Chat spam.

Since it's been over a year and a half, we're willing to give you another chance. I'm going to accept this appeal and unban you, however, please review the rules before you join. Thanks!

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