Dec 31, 2014


Staff member
Founder/Lead Developer
  • Rewrote a ton of New Years code and it now runs for all 6 American Time Zones
  • Added Fireworks for New Years that players can launch during the event (Based on code in "Fireworks" by Turtle from the Workshop)
  • Fixed Voice Notification problems (Not stacking correctly, not always fading out, showing in Theaters)
  • Added a check to catch scenarios where players have Donator or Power Donator rank but not the Achievement
  • Fixed(?) the Tuturu~ join sound for Superadmins+ not working
  • Player Emotes now say where they are
  • Added a console command for superadmins+ that makes players explode
  • The MOTD Banner can now be "hijacked" by code elsewhere in the gamemode