Dec 30, 2022


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Founder/Lead Developer
This list contains changes made to YukiTheater since Aug 30, 2022.

  • GUI: Scoreboard now shows players that are currently joining and includes them in the count
  • Inventory: Currency Effect is now more dynamic, one model per 100 Credits instead of per 10, and better handles large transactions
  • Inventory: Prevent returning spawned items to Inventory if they've already exceeded their MaxUses
  • Use VECTOR.WithinAABox instead of VECTOR.InBox, since the former is a C implementation (and probably wayyy faster)

  • Taunts: Added Caramelldansen, Carson Shearer, and Conga (Thanks @Inco !)
  • Shopkeepers can now wear hats
  • GUI: Added Quick Controls to Q Media Menu, replacing the old text Play/Pause button
  • Media: Added Queue Bump functionality for Media Location Owners (free) and everyone else (paid)
  • Watermelon Pet: Can now be picked up if in Auto Mode or they belong to you
  • GUI: HUD Interaction is no longer visible while in a vehicle (because you can't actually interact with anything other than the vehicle)
  • GUI: Added missing Pet Shop dialog for Yuki
  • Location: Fixed Light Sprites fix infinitely adding entities making GMod lose FPS until it crashes
  • Fairy Pet: Fixed error with some models giving us nil model radius
  • Seats: Always set FOV to 90 when exiting (Yuki's Slot Machines force it to 80 so the buttons aren't so far away)
  • Shopkeeper: Possible models are now precached on the client too
  • Media: Updated GoGoAnime Reverse URL (again)
  • Media: Removed AniMixPlay service (since it's dead)

  • Added Miku Mania Slot Machines
    • Slot Machines are finally back, and have a new coat of paint!
  • Added Leaderboards to Casino
    • Leaderboards are back! Here are the current categories we're tracking:
      • Slot Machine Jackpots
      • Lottery Winners
      • Playtime
      • Time Spent AFK
      • Time Spent Watching Media
      • Time Spent Drunk
    • Their website counterpart is coming soon...
  • Added Frank and Seasonal Shop
    • Frank sells more...illicit items, especially for a movie theater. Find him on the Manga Shop Roof! Yes, he lives there.
    • The Seasonal Shop has a rotating selection of items that are only available during each season! Check them out every 3 months to see a new set of items.
  • Added 2 New Spawnables
    • Fountain Firework (1,200 Credits at Frank)
    • Rocket Firework (1,200 Credits at Frank)
  • Added 15 New Hats
    • Hat and Accessory Shop
      • Allister Mask (1,000 Credits)
      • Brain Hat (2,000 Credits)
      • Chen Hat (1,500 Credits)
      • Dawn Cap (2,000 Credits)
      • Joker Mask (4,000 Credits)
      • Lisa's Hat (4,000 Credits)
      • Lucas Cap (1,500 Credits)
      • Paimon Halo (2,000 Credits)
      • Wonder Entertainer Crown (3,000 Credits)
      • Woody's Hat (2,000 Credits)
    • Seasonal Shop (Winter)
      • Antlers (2,000 Credits)
      • Candy Cane Glasses (2,000 Credits)
      • Carrot Nose (500 Credits)
      • Holiday Glasses (1,500 Credits)
      • Santa Hat (2,000 Credits)
  • Added 9 New Achievements
    • It's a Yuki Wonderland (2022): 2,700 Credits | Visit YukiTheater on December 25, 2022
    • A Special Gift (2022): 200 Credits | Open a Present during Holiday 2022
    • I Was There When 2023 Started: 20,000 Credits | Be here when the ball drops for 2023
    • Ten Year Anniversary: 2,700 Credits | Visit YukiTheater on January 6, 2023
    • Tickets Please: 1,800 Credits | Win the Lottery for the first time
    • Aspiring Speedwagon: 10,000 Credits | Win the Slot Machine Jackpot for the first time
    • Vegas Simulator: 4,000 Credits | Spin the Slot Machines 1,000 times
    • Resident Gambler: 20,000 Credits | Spin the Slot Machines 10,000 times
    • Grinch's Ultimatum: 300 Credits | Have you truly become a monster?
  • Map v2.6c (Holiday Version)
    • Our resident mapper @MrMuffinz has brought the holidays back to Yuki again this year...and the grinch is here?
  • Updated/Improved 3 Items
    • Darth Vader's reflections are no longer wonky and use the correct cubemap
    • Tobi Mask appearance has been improved, and now has a new "Alternate" bodygroup
    • Pokemon Trainer Hat has been updated from the SSBB version to the SSBU version
  • Statistics: Added Slot Machine Spin Count
  • GUI: Scoreboard now shows locations with media playing above those that don't
  • Added Bartenders to Manga Shop 2nd Floor
  • Manga Shop now uses for its ambience instead of the old songs (rest in peace)
  • Halloween: Added random spooky noises and Tombstones (Oct 1 - Nov 15)
  • Chat: Reduced Adverts time from 30 minutes to 15 minutes
  • Chat: Added /leaderboards (yuki_chat_leaderboards)
  • Location: Fixed outside locations being too tall and out of bounds (breaking New Year's Event traces)
  • New Year's Event: Updated Start Time, Disabled right Karaoke countdown, Added hook for Karaoke MOTD, and Enabled drawing countdown in the Lobby

  • Updated/Added Item Icons